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Financial Support at the University of Cambridge

There are many financial supports available to facilitate students to meet the cost of living at Cambridge. The major sources are outlined as mentioned below. For some of this support, whether students would be qualified for it and how much they will be entitled to is based upon their present financial circumstances. Students have many sources of funds available to them.

Government Student Loan for Living Costs (for UK students only)

Apart from the student loan for tuition fees, they shall be able to take a student loan to cover up their living costs. In 2010-11, the maximum amount that can be on loan by students living away from home is 4,950. Students need to pay this loan amount back in installments. However, like student loan for fees, this shall not be until after they have completed graduation and are earning a minimum salary. Students may also be entitled a Cambridge Bursary and Government Grant to cover their living costs.

Government Grants (for UK students only)

New students from lower-income and studying full-time are eligible for a non-repayable maintenance grant. The amount students shall receive is based upon their family's income as evaluated by the proper student finance award agency. There are also grants available for particular groups of students such as students with disability and student parents. Students may obtain more information about these forms of financial support from Directgov website.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme (for UK/EU students only)

The university is committed to the principle that no UK student ought to be deterred from applying to the Cambridge because of financial considerations and the no student ought to leave because of financial difficulties. Consequently, the university has one of most widespread financial support programmes in the UK to make sure which students can meet the cost of their university education, irrespective of background. The Cambridge Bursary Scheme offers Cambridge European Bursaries to facilitate EU students meet their living costs. Students may see the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website to know whether they are eligible for up to 3,400 of financial support for each year of their Cambridge course.

Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Bursary

The university provides students a specific bursary for first year students on the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine as a part of the Cambridge Bursary Scheme. The aim of this bursary is to help students to meet tuition fee costs. Students may find how to apply and eligibility criteria on the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Bursary website.

Eliahou Dangoor Scholarships

Students who are studying technology, science, mathematics and engineering subjects at the prominent universities in the UK can benefit from an Eliahou Dangoor Scholarship. The donation for this scholarship is given by Dr Naim Dangoor. Cambridge has been awarded forty-four bursaries under the scheme for UK domiciled students starting engineering, science, computer science and mathematics courses in 2010-11. Students may get more information about the 1,000 scholarships by visiting the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website.

College Awards

The university offers additional sources of funding available at college level that students may apply for such as equipment grants and book to help with particular study-related costs. Colleges award prizes and scholarship for academic achievement. The loans and grants are available from colleges to cope with unforeseen difficulties. Students may contact the concerned authority for more information about funds and loans.

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