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Fieldwork in Geography

In this course, students need to do fieldwork. In each year, there are various one-day excursions. In year first and second, students need to do practical exercises through fieldtrips. Field classes are compulsory for all part first 'B' students that lead to a piece of evaluated practical work. Recent location comprises Berlin, Switzerland, Morocco, Mallorca and Portugal. It must be noted that students need to pay for these fieldtrips. However, some financial assistance is available.

Students need to prepare a dissertation in the part second. A dissertation requires basic research in the summer holiday at the end of their second year. This facilitates students to apply what they have learnt in supervisions, lectures and fieldwork. Dissertation locations and subjects differ widely. Some of the students travel abroad whereas others stay in the British Isles. Students can obtain some financial assistance for their fieldwork.


Students need to study six papers in the first year. They do not have choice because it is important for each student to start with the same basic. This helps faculty to introduce new realms of the subject that students will not have come across before. The major aspects of this paper are Fordism and welfare, globalization, ecological, the historical geography of global development, atmospheric, economic and political perspectives, coastal and hydrological processes, marine, tectonic activity and environmental change.

In part first 'B', students may begin to specialize. However, they are expected to maintain an interest in the discipline as a whole. Students are provided training in practical techniques and evaluated by project reports. This training helps students to develop their dissertation proposal that ultimately leads to an independent research project. Students need to submit this project in the part second.

In the part second, students may either specialize further or keep a balance across the subject as a whole. Students also complete their dissertation that may be in any specialist area of the course. Apart from the formal teaching programme, some of the undergraduate geographers arrange their own abroad journey often with the Cambridge University Expeditions Society. The University of Cambridge offers various travel awards to geographers comprising the Department's David Richards Travel Scholarships that facilitates students in part second 'B' with their dissertation fieldwork. Besides this award, some of the colleges offer travel awards to their students.

A number of undergraduates come to study geography in the United Kingdom because of its first class and worldwide reputation in this discipline. The University of Cambridge offers excellent researchers and teachers. Each student is paid special attention by the faculty. They provide students an excellent opportunity to understand geography, which is an integrated study of the earth's societies, places, landscapes and environments. This course provides students a wide career prospect.

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