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Entrance Requirements - Cambridge

Before applying students must make sure that they have right grades in the right subjects at the right level for the course they have chosen. Students studying a range of qualification are welcome. They may use the link of the university to find out the typical entry requirements for every year.

Course Requirements

Some of the Cambridge courses earlier knowledge of certain subjects is necessary and all colleges may expect such subjects to be passed, usually, with minimum an 'A' grade at 'A' level or equivalent. Some of the courses such as Philosophy, Law and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies do not require students to have studied the subject before. However, students are expected to have read much about the subject to know what it will involve.

When evaluating applicants for all courses, the university considers not only the individual level 'A' subjects offered but also the combination of these subjects. Generally, it is preferred that applicants to have taken specific subjects or subject grouping because the university believe that they are possibly to provide students with an effectual preparation for study at Cambridge. The preferences and requirements for each course are given within the courses section as defined below.

  • Highly desirable: subjects required by most of the Colleges
  • Useful: subjects that offer a useful preparation but are not necessary
  • Desirable: subjects required by some of the Colleges
  • Essential: subjects required by all the Colleges to AS or A level or equivalent

AS/A levels:

AS levels

Cambridge applicants are motivated to study four or five AS levels in year 12 and students are typically expected to have 'A' grades at AS level. Applicants who are taking four subjects shall not be disadvantaged compared with those taking five. Students do not require a separate certification at AS level in case of subjects being studied at 'A' level and candidates not cashing in AS levels shall not be disadvantaged.

Candidates are asked to report the result of all AS and 'A' level sections taken to date whether they are certified or not. Colleges shall not make unconditional offers based on AS grades alone.

'A' levels

Many candidates to the university are studying three or four 'A' level subjects. Students are advised to visit the proper course page to know more about suitable subject choices. The introduction of the new 'A' grade at 'A' level are welcome by the university. Students who achieve an average of ninety percent or more on the Uniform Mark Scale and 'A' grade across at 'A' level throughout their A2 units will be awarded with 'A' grade.

Colleges revise offers to consider individual circumstances, for instance, lower offers can be made to students applying through the Cambridge Special Access Scheme whose talent is not noticed at school due to personal disadvantage or significant educational disadvantage. On the contrary, more challenging offers can be set to make sure that an applicant may deal with the demands of examination in cases where some doubt subsists.

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