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The University of Cambridge offers you a challenging degree course in English that inspire students' reading and enhance their imaginative and critical abilities. The University of Cambridge has been associated throughout the centuries. It is associated with renowned writers such as William Wordsworth, Christopher Marlowe, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Lord Byron, A. S. Byatt. This glorious tradition continues today. However, it is not only the reason to study English at Cambridge. Moreover, Cambridge offers students rewarding and stimulating education.

About the Course

A degree course in English incorporates English literature from the Middle ages to the present day. It also encompasses Greek Tragedy. A course in English not only provides students the literature of the British Isles in English but also encourages students to study how English associates other literatures such as American, post colonial, international writing in English, modern European literature and classical European literature.

The course enables students to explore some of the issues that have shaped language and literature such as European and English thought and life. Students may take papers on theory, literary criticism and choose to study the literary uses of the English or a foreign language.

In this course, students have freedom to develop and focus their interests. Students may work on particular texts, study a single major author and make out how a specific genre changes in course of a period. With the help of personal Director of Studies at the college, students decide their course of study.

Entrance Requirements

The undergraduate students need to study 'A' level subjects which include history, modern languages and classics. Students who have a wide range of academic background are welcome. Nevertheless, the institution does not require an 'A' level in English literature or English language. Students who wish to take admission to this course must have passion for literature.


The faculty has been contributing to the development of the study of English as an academic subject. Most probably, Cambridge is the first in the UK to encourage the study of English literature till the present day. It also supports some of the renowned teachers and scholars. Students are taught through a fine combination of college based classes, supervisions and faculty lectures. The college also organizes seminars and workshop where prominent people are invited who interact with students.

The University of Cambridge provides high quality of supervision for English course. Students need to work in a group or individual with their respective supervisor. They are equipped with an excellent opportunity to develop and forward their ideas and arguments. With the help of this course, students get an opportunity to explore their creativity.

Students have an easy access to the excellent faculty library. They also use the university library as well as their college libraries. The University of Cambridge updates web pages and provides links for online resources. Students who take the paper in literary criticism will have a virtual classroom.

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