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Engineering Geology at Imperial College

Imperial College London offers a postgraduate course in Engineering Geology. The course is well-designed and tailored to offers high standard education. The course incorporates practical design and theoretical background considerations.

Engineering Geology is associated with the application of geology in engineering practice. It needs a quantitative knowledge of the behaviour of soil, rock, gas and water as materials and en masse in their contaminated and uncontaminated states. Four compulsory field courses are organized to Somerset, Kent, Greece and Berkshire. Models may include:

  • Applied engineering geology fieldwork
  • Applied engineering geology coursework
  • Basic competences in engineering geology
  • Applied soil mechanics
  • Case histories and practice in engineering geology
  • Basic soil mechanics
  • Contaminated land and groundwater
  • Chemical concepts for hydrogeology in contaminated land
  • Geotechnical processes
  • Engineering geology of soils and rocks
  • Ground investigation
  • GIS for ground models
  • Hydrogeological principles
  • Risk analysis and hazard quantification for ground engineering
  • Laboratory work in soil mechanics
  • Laboratory and field techniques in engineering geology
  • Professional practice in engineering geology
  • Practical work in rock mechanics
  • Rock strength and failure
  • Rock excavation and support
  • Dissertation
  • Waste management and landfill engineering
  • Option 1: Business management
  • Option 2: Sustainable development

MSc Course

The MSc course incorporates the add-on modules of sustainable development and business management. Each option encompasses approximately 120 hours of study and can be taken as an alternative to a corresponding amount of engineering study.

Business Management

This module offers students an excellent opportunity to hone their skills needed to work in competitive business environments in the civil engineering industry. This module is suitable for students who desire to combine the principles of business management with a technical competence in their chosen field. The module is created in order to complement core material in the MSc courses. For more information, students are advised to visit the college website.

Sustainable Development

This module is designed with the intention of providing students various skills to include the concepts of sustainable development into all stages of the engineering development project. It is suitable for students who wish to choose their career in development and redevelopment, especially in the provision of infrastructure and its renewal. Students shall receive the practical tools required to apply the principles of engineering for sustainable development in the real world contexts. The course consists of three units. Students may get further details from the Department.

Entry Requirements

Imperial College welcomes applications from undergraduates who are pursuing their first degree and also those with relevant industrial and professional experience. Candidates holding a degree in other branches of engineering like natural sciences and earth sciences may be considered for admission. The least entry requirement for consideration is a well recognized degree from any accredited UK University or an overseas equivalent. The college also offers funds for students' education. For information on funding, students are advised to contact the College's Scholarship Office.

Part-time Study

The MSc courses are offered on the part-time basis. Methods of study may consist of:

  • One day per week over three years
  • Term release
  • One and a half days per week over two years

There is a term release options that generally involves attendance in the autumn term of one year and the spring term of a second year but this can be vary from one course to another based upon students' personal circumstances. The dissertation is undertaken with expansive guidance form a college supervisor. Students are advised to contact the concerned course director for more information about the part-time arrangements for each course.

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