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Engineering - Course Advantages

The distinctions between physicists, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists are eroding each year. A four-year course in engineering is designed to produce graduates who go beyond the traditional engineering disciplines. The part first of engineering equips students with a wide and robust education in the basics of engineering. This enables students to make a genuinely informed choice about the area wherein they shall specialize in the third and fourth years. Students are made aware of their interests and strengths.

In the part second, students are equipped with in-depth training in their chosen professional area be it mechanical, civil, aerospace, structural, electrical, biomedical, electronic, manufacturing or information engineering. The course is designed with the purpose of providing high quality education in engineering. Students get benefit from the course. The wide foundation offered by part first makes students uniquely suited to work with prominent multidisciplinary teams. The Cambridge graduates emerge qualified in their chosen area with knowledge and skills required to perform the tasks at the workplace. The course in engineering is accredited by all the leading institutions comprising the institutions of:

  • Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
  • Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • The Royal Aeronautical Society
  • Structural Engineers (IStructE)
  • The Institute of Measurement and Control
  • The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

It must be noted that the proper combination of part second papers is required in each case. Students may add width to their specialization by way of choosing additional topics comprising management and foreign languages. Students have an extensive series of compulsory projects. Students have opportunities to obtain other practical skills such as Engine Strip and Rebuild sessions to building robots to complete in international competitions.

The third and forth years equips students with flexibility required teaching this continually evolving subject and to encompass the newest developments. The department invites renowned speakers to give engineering applications lectures and keep in touch with the latest research and industrial aspects of engineering. Students have an extensive opportunity to obtain industrial or government sponsorship. As comparing to other engineering courses, the Cambridge timetable hardly ever involves coursework or lectures on Saturday or in the afternoons. The course allows students to organize their own private study schedules.

Foreign Languages

A distinctive feature of the Engineering Department is the Language Programme for Engineers. This attempt aims at equipping students with the required language skills and cultural awareness to outshine in the global marketplace. Students may do specialized courses in German, French, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese. Students are offered all levels of language. It has always been good to have knowledge of at least one foreign language. This specialization ensures that students learn the language and be able to communicate with the native speakers fluently.

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