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The University of Engineering offers a degree course in Engineering. The course is well designed and tailored with the intention of providing high standard education. The course equips student with skills, knowledge, experience and imagination as these are important to realize students' vision as engineers.

The course enables students to develop them to the highest level. Engineering is all about solving problems. It is about making products and designing processes to improve the quality of human life. The engineers manufacture and design a wide variety of objects such as reservoirs, aircraft hips, robots, mobile phones, microchips, etc.

The course aims at providing students with all the design, analytical and computing skills that strengthen modern engineering practice whilst encouraging the problem solving skills and creativity, which are very important to become a good engineer. The Cambridge course in Engineering is unique and studying Engineering at Cambridge keeps options open to students. After completing the course at Cambridge, students are able to apply new technologies in new situations. Students will have the skills required to master managerial and technical demands throughout their professional career.

The Department of Engineering

The department of engineering has around 600 graduate and 1, 200 undergraduate students. Students come from across the country as well from Europe. They are from different background. They also take part in running the department through the staff-students joint committee and the membership of the faculty board. The department is one of the leading international centres for research and constantly attains the highest rankings in the evaluation of research achievements in British universities.

The university has developed strong association with industry and this is pointed out by the fact that over three hundred largest research projects are funded by industrial companies. The department offers various facilities. The department of engineering has a large Design and Project Office. The office is well equipped with over eighty powerful workstations. It also has good library. The library is well equipped with ample collection of books and journals. Students are equipped with extensive electrical and mechanical workshops. Students have to deal with various activities and assignments such as undergraduate projects, research and recreational engineering.

Industrial Sponsorship and Experience

For engineering part first 'B', students need to complete four weeks of industrial experience and for part second 'A', students ought to complete the next four weeks of allied experience. Students may obtain the industrial experience during a pre-university period by deferring entry that several colleges encourage or during vacations. Some of the students arrange industrial experience in the vacations even after they have fulfilled least requirements.

The Department of Engineering has full-time industrial placement coordinator. The coordinator facilitates deferred entrants and undergraduate students to find appropriate industrial experience sponsorship and placement in the UK and abroad.

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