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A degree in education allows students to put together the diversity of educational issues such as creative learning and teaching, educational policy, study of a particular subject, the arts, social justice, education and gender, the learning mind, new technology, language and literacy, practice, values and policy in classroom across the world.

A degree in education at Cambridge equips students with fresh perspectives on the major role of education in various societies. The course in education allows students to combine the academic study of education with another subject. Therefore, students may take specialized papers offered by the faculty of education. These specialized papers may incorporate the study of education philosophy, history, sociology, psychology and international issues in education.

The course in education is well designed and modified with the purpose of providing quality education. The course in education provides students thorough understanding of the subject. It enables students to gain knowledge and apply it to the practical situation. The course incorporates a fine blending of theory and practical exercises.

Teaching and Resources

During the degree course, students will get to know a broad range of various learning and teaching styles. Based upon the choices students make, these will consist of formal lectures attended by many students, practical work in drama studios or laboratories, small group workshops and seminars, observation in individual tuition and in school through the supervision system and fieldwork.

The faculty of education has outstanding facilities comprising a library service offering excellent education collections in the United Kingdom. The teaching staff consists of specialists in the foundation disciplines of education and specialists in areas such as curriculum and gender issues that cut across discipline frontiers. During their stay at Cambridge, students get a world class educational environment where research continually develops the quality of taught courses.

Structure of the Degree

The course in education, like other degree courses, is divided into two parts. The part first includes the first two years where students need to take examinations at the end of the stipulated period. The part second will be the final year of the course. As a part of preparation for the second year, each student has to sit a preliminary examination at the end of their first year.

Affiliated Students

A two-year part second course is also open to students who have completed graduation from other universities entering as affiliated students. Students who wish to pursue a course in education are advised to contact the Director of Studies of the College they are considering apply to.

The course offers students practical exercises in order to enhance skills required to perform their tasks. Upon completing the course, students may get into various fields. The course offers students a wide range of career options.

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