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Education - Course Outline

The course in Education is divided into two parts. A two-year part first and a one-year part second. Students are assessed at the end of each academic year and this may be in a different ways. Students may be examined through their submitted work such as dissertations or essays, practical work for instance musical performances, drama productions, fieldwork notebooks, laboratory and competition. Students may be assessed through written examination. Students who are assessed will be based on the subject they studied and papers they chose. However, students may normally expect approximately seventy-five percent of evaluation to be by written examination.

Part First

Year First

In the first year, students need to take four papers two in education and two in their specialist subject:

  • Language, Communication and Literacy
  • Introduction to the Disciplines of Education

Some of the specialist subject papers are taught by the concerned department. The faculty of education teaches the education papers with special emphasis upon the study of the disciplines of education (Psychology, History of Education, Philosophy and Sociology) through themes such as adolescence and childhood or equality and diversity.

The communication, Literacy and Language papers lay emphasis upon the psychological, social and material context within which literacy and spoken language are developed in childhood. However, the prime emphasis is given upon education

Year Second

In the year second, students will take five papers. They choose two specialist subject papers from a broad range of options within each subject, further education paper or further specialist subject paper and two education papers. In the two compulsory education papers, students will continue to study the Psychology, Philosophy, History of Education and Sociology. In case, students wish to take their fifth paper in education they will study the Globalization, Modernity and Education paper, considering the transformation and consequences, assessing roots of modernity in the western enlightenment and its impact on challenges produced for education and global development.

Part Second

Year Third

Part second equips students with a choice from a broad spectrum of options. In their final year they need to take five papers. Students need to take investigation and research in education paper. They need to submit a dissertation of approximately ten thousand words. They need to complete a project that may involve work in schools based on the topic they have chosen.

Students ought to take at least two further education papers of which one should be Advanced Discipline in education in Psychology, History of Education, Philosophy or Sociology. The remaining compulsory education paper may be Special Paper in education or a second Advanced Discipline. The special papers in education may vary with year to year. However, the presently available may include Educational Inclusion and Diversity, Children and Literature and Creativity and Thinking. The fourth and fifth papers of students can be taken from any of the education papers (both Special Papers and Advanced Disciplines) or may be taken in their specialist subject.

UCAS Codes

Education with ClassicsX3Q8 BA/EC
Education with Biological SciencesX3C9 BA/EBS
Education with English and DramaX3W4 BA/EED
Education with EnglishX3Q3 BA/EE
Education with HistoryX3V1 BA/EH
Education with GeographyX3L7 BA/EG
Education with MusicX3W3 BA/EM
Education with Religious StudiesX3V6 BA/ERS
Education with Physical SciencesX3F0 BA/EPS
Education with Modern and Medieval Languages
(French, German or Spanish)X3R8 BA/EMML

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