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Education - Content and Options

Students need to take the specified number of papers in each part of the degree course. These papers facilitate students to maintain a fine balance between education and their specialist subject. However, students have an excellent option to choose papers within the course structure.

In part first, students will take two papers in specialist subject and two papers in education. Students will have the fifth paper either their subject specialization or education. In part second, students will take three educational papers of which one is a dissertation based on their own original research. Students, for other two papers, may choose to specialize fully in education or they can continue with papers in their specialist subject.

In part first and part second, students have wide choices of papers to choose from within each subject specialization. Some of the papers are offered by the faculty of education and some of them by other faculties. Students who have completed part first of another course may go for part second of education that is, generally, taken as a two-year course.

Career Opportunity

Students who would like to get into teaching; the undergraduate course provides them an excellent basis for teaching. The faculty offers a plus-one-year route to qualified teacher status for primary and secondary teaching. This precedes students to the faculty's excellent Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses.

The faculty of education equips students with a one-year post graduate certificate in education course with approximately 275 students training every year to teach as subject specialists in secondary school and 160 students training to teach in the primary sector. Students may obtain the application forms and prospects from the Faculty of Education Registry.

Research Opportunities

The course in education provides students an excellent opportunity to enter a broad range of careers concerning to education comprising arts and museum education, policy making in national and local government, journalism and educational activities within the community (including music and drama).

The course lays emphasis upon understanding contemporary issues in the society. This degree may lead to careers in a range of other areas such as charities, media and international organizations. The faculty of education also offers an excellent opportunity for further study at postgraduate level on full or part-time PG courses or by entry to the PhD programme.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who wish to apply for the course need to achieve an 'A' grade at 'A' level or equivalent in their opted area of specialization. It is useful, however, non essential for candidates to have additional AS and A levels in one or more than one social sciences for example, psychology, sociology and history.

Christ's Murray Edwards and Homerton require Mathematics plus one of Chemistry or Physics for education with Physical Sciences. Students are advised to check college websites for their specific requirements.

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