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Downing College

Downing College has fantastic facilities, beautiful buildings, open spaces, great accommodation, friendly and lively student body and world class education. The college provides students an outstanding environment to get the best from the University of Cambridge. The college takes research and intellectual life seriously. It is dedicated to attaining the highest promising standards in all areas comprising research, academic attainment, accommodation, pastoral support, cultural, social and sporting activities.

Downing College was established in 1800. It is one of the oldest colleges in the country. The college is close to various university departments and faculties. Downing's space and peace are apparent as students walk through the college gates to the fine looking Neo-Classical buildings, which is set in the landscapes of trees, lawns and gardens.

The college provides students high standard accommodation. Each room is single occupancy along with internet connections and is adjacent to college site. Some of the rooms have en suite facilities and several are adapted for students with hearing impairment or mobility difficulties. Downing College provides accommodation to undergraduates for minimum three years. The college has a well equipped computer room, excellent library, which is open twenty-four hours a day. The college has wireless hotspots around it.

Music at Downing is very enthusiastic along with a flourishing Chapel choir. The college has music practice rooms and a theatre that provide a venue for music, drama and exhibitions. Downing has various sporting facilities comprising a well equipped boathouse, sports ground, tennis, a gym and netball/basketball courts. Downing is medium-sized with academic community.

The eligible candidates are given admission to their desired course irrespective of their caste, family background, religion, gender, race, sexuality and creed. The college welcomes talented and potential students. Downing College welcomes applications from candidates who have the received potential and academic capability to make the most of the opportunities Downing and Cambridge have to offer. Applicants may find more information by visiting one of the open days tour the college and meet fellows and students. They may get the information from the college website where applicants book the form.

Directors of Studies:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr J Stock
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr B Steger
  • Architecture: Dr T Chenvidyakarn
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic: Dr D Pratt
  • Classics: Mr. F Basso
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr K Yunus
  • Economics: Dr J McCombie
  • Computer Science: Dr R Harle
  • Education: Mr. J Raffan
  • English: Dr C Phillips
  • Engineering: Dr W O'Neill
  • Geography: Dr A Ramadan
  • History: Dr D Pratt
  • Land Economy: Dr J McCombie
  • History of Art: Dr F Salmon
  • Law Professor: G Virgo
  • Linguistics: Dr A Ledgeway
  • Mathematics: Dr A Pesci
  • Management Studies: Dr J Trevor
  • Medicine: Dr N Coleman
  • Music: Dr D Irving
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr I James
  • Natural Sciences Professor: Dr Z Barber (Physical), S Bray (Biological)
  • Philosophy: Dr M Tomalin
  • Theology & Religious Studies: The Reverend K Eyeons
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr H Wydra
  • Veterinary Medicine: Mrs. J Pearson

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