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Disabled Students and Cambridge

The University of Cambridge welcomes applicants from candidates with disabilities or chronic illness. The Disability Resource Centre is an important contact for students, which offers information, advice and support to students with disability. Applicants with disability applying to Cambridge are strongly recommended that they disclose their disability in UCAS application.

Such students are contacted to discuss their particular needs in advance and make sure proper adjustments in place such as scheduling interviews in accessible rooms. Disclosure refers that students have access to all the support they are entitled to.

The University of Cambridge has an extensive students-run welfare network, The Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU). It provides non-judgmental, assistance and confidential support to all students. There are three CUSU sabbatical officers trained students support officers. These officers are contacted to receive information and advice on all sorts of concerns.

The university has a Counseling Service. The responsibility of this service is to facilitate a peer support scheme, which complements other tutorial and welfare systems and equips students with a formally as well as friendly trained and confidential service. Additionally, every JCR has its own officers accountable for welfare and some of them have a college parent system in place. The first year students are assigned parents to facilitate them settle in and find their feet. The university environment provides students enthusiastic learning experience. Students work in a group and cope with the same situation and difficulties and support each other in various ways.

Student Parents and Childcare

All colleges welcome candidates from student parents. Some of colleges equip students with family accommodation. In case when accommodation is not available for students, they are directed to the central Accommodation Service. Cambridge has university nursery on the West Cambridge site with a restricted number of places available for students.

Queens' college and Gonville and Caius Colleges have their own nurseries. Other colleges such as Trinity College and Girton St John's have Wolfson Court nursery on Clarkson Road. Students are advised to contact the individual colleges to know more about these facilities. If students are school-aged children, then they must speak to the university's childcare information advisors for advice.

Student parents may seek for information on government financial support on the website. Additionally, the university's Access to Learning Fund offers discretionary help to UK students who need to meet extra coast such as childcare. A Central Childcare Bursary Scheme helps eligible international and EU students with the costs of childcare.

The University of Cambridge is a wonderful place where students may carve their career. Students are given individual attention with the intention of providing them all round development. Upon completing education from the university, students get into various fields. They make their mark in their respective field be it business, industry, government offices and private sectors.

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