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Computer Science

The University of Cambridge offers a course an undergraduate course in Computer Science. The course is well built and tailored with the purpose of providing quality education. The course offers students various opportunities for practical experience of the advanced software and hardware and complete coverage of theory.

About the Course

The course is firmly rooted in mathematics and engineering have association with psychology, linguistics and many other fields. When the course is concerned with hardware design, it overlaps with electronic and electrical engineering. Formal methods for the analysis, construction and validation of software are strongly mathematical. The course incorporates materials related to practical and theoretical aspects of computer applications and computer systems.

The practical computer science is concerned with constructing software and hardware systems: compiler design, digital electronics, programming languages, networks and graphics and operating systems. The theoretical computer science addresses fundamental issues such as the theory of communicating systems, providing the correctness of hardware and software and the notion of computable function.

The Cambridge Course

The undergraduate course in computer science offers balanced and advanced coverage of all these aspects of computer science. It equips students with an education that is deep and broad. The course aims at producing graduates who shall cater the needs of leading industries.

During the course, students explore questions about the nature of the operations and information that can be performed on it. Students shall examine the design of machines on which these operations can be performed, the myriad uses to which they can be put and the facilities required by them.

Students shall investigate the mathematical underpinnings of the subject and practical problems encountered in getting the machines to do what students want them to. The course enables students to develop their knowledge and enhance their skills. After completing the course, students are well accustomed to design of computer hardware, operating systems, and mathematical theory of computation, applications and programming.

There are many Cambridge graduates in the computer development field since 1937. This is nice to know that world's first computer science course launched at Cambridge in 1953. Presently, the University of Cambridge continues to be one of the best centers of research and teaching. The course ensures that students learn all the aspects of the course. Students are given theoretical knowledge as well as practical exercises to hone their skills. Students are given thorough understanding of the subjects. The course makes sure that students are learned in detail about their subject.


The University of Cambridge equips students will all facilities. They provide students facilities with the intention of encouraging them to concentrate on their studies. The department has purpose-built computer laboratory. The laboratory is financed by the Gates Foundation and others. The computer laboratory has two teaching rooms comprising hundred workstations donated by Intel running Windows/XP and Linux on a Novell network. The machines are changed annually as the department updates the equipment.

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