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Clinical Studies - Medicine

The University of Cambridge offers a three-year clinical course based at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Addenbrooke's is the site of a number of major biomedical research institutions. During the clinical course, students spend time in some of the affiliated teaching hospitals in East Anglia and the South East. This experience makes sure that students are exposed to a wide spectrum of patients from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures.

In this clinical course, students shall build on their biomedical science education, enhancing skills, knowledge and attitudes required to practice clinical medicine. An introduction to clinical method is given below. The curriculum incorporates three stages and is well built around various major themes including:

  • Clinical problems
  • Therapeutics and management
  • Patient investigation
  • Decision making and judgement
  • Practical skills
  • Ethics and law
  • Core science and pathology
  • Public health
  • Chronic disease and disability
  • Learning, teaching and research
  • The multi-professional working environment
  • Personal and professional development
  • Clinical and communication skills

These themes are to be addressed in each of the stagers as per the level of study.

Stage First - Clinical Method

In the stage first, students shall become proficient in basic clinical methods comprising physical exam, history-taking interpretation and ordering of basic investigations and differential diagnosis. The associated teaching NHS and clinical attachments in Cambridge are to be related to teaching in primary care to allow students a width of clinical experience.

Stage Second - The Life Course

In the stage second, students study the major causes of disease, ill health and its prevention throughout the human lifespan. Courses in women' health, paediatrics, oncology, cardiovascular medicine, degenerative and ageing diseases and psychiatry shall be liked by a record of longitudinal patient attachments accumulated in a portfolio.

Students who have experience in community and primary care related to each part of the course shall develop understanding of the wide range of disease presentation and management.

Stage Three - Preparation for Practice

Stage three comprises attachments in medicine, general practice, critical care and emergency medicine during the time students are given many responsibility for taking care of patients under close supervision. In the course, there are opportunities for students selected components consisting of an elective period of study. During the clinical course, students have small group clinical supervision s from junior doctors to make sure that students obtain and maintain the requisite clinical skills.


A broad range of summative and formative evaluation is used in the clinical course to assess students' skills, knowledge and attitudes and to make sure that they are competent to go into clinical practice as a graduate. Students will be awarded two degrees at the end of the course, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. These are qualifications allowing provisional registration as a medical practitioner under the medical act 1983.

The MB PhD Programme

This is a six-year programme enables students who are wishing a career in academic medicine to intercalate three years of research with clinical training. Students who are accepted onto the Cambridge Clinical Course can apply for this programme wherein clinical studies for the MB BChir are put tighter with research that leads to a PhD.

Postgraduate Foundation Programmes

The clinical school works directly with the Eastern Postgraduate Deanery in order to provide foundation year programmes as the first part of postgraduate education. During the foundation programme, generally, at the end of the year first, students shall receive full registration with the general medical council. The University of Cambridge offers students all facilities to make them concentrate on their studies. It cares students' all round development.

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