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Classics - Eligibility Criteria for Entrance

Students are welcome who would like to study the classical world through its own language. Students do not require any special 'A' level subject for a four-year degree course. However, students who have something that shows experience in language would be useful. Students' circumstances shall be taken into consideration individually. For a three-year degree course, it is necessary that students have an 'A' level or equivalent in Latin.

The large section of undergraduate dedicates to intensive Greek programme. This programme is designed and tailored with the purpose of providing quality education to those have studied little or no Greek. A four-year degree programme is made for students with 'A' level Latin or equivalent. This programme is a fine combination of theory and practical exercises. In this programme, students are equipped with regular reading classes, complete instructions and grammar tuition from language experts.

Students are strongly advised to talk a College Director of Studies or the Faculty's Schools' Liaison Coordinators to know or discuss something about the course and its requirements. Students have course flexibility where they can change course after Classics Part First. However, many students welcome the breadth of the subjects offered and a chance to define their own course of study.

Similarly, an ample scope of available papers makes Classical part second more attractive option after part first. The particular combinations of part second papers can be taken without knowledge of Latin and Greek. There are many options available comprising classical Latin or classical Greek with a modern language. Nevertheless, Classics is the only subject allowing students to study a culture as a whole. It offers students thorough understanding of the subject.

After Classics

Students who have completed graduation in Classics have a wide career prospect. Classics graduates are concerned potential employees. They are efficient and accurate, they know how to work hard, they take new work and execute it in a team as well as independently and they adapt assignments easily. Apart from above qualities, Classics graduates can argue coherently and talk articulately.

Upon completing the course, some of the graduates go for teaching whereas others accept research studies. Some graduates teach in schools and universities and others work in achieves, museums and libraries. Classics graduates have good opportunities to work in media, law, accounting, business, industry and civil services.

The course encourages students to learn Latin confidently. They are well accustomed to the Roman world. The syllabus for this course is created by looking at Roman culture. After completing the course students may carve their career in a variety of areas such as civil services, law, media, business, etc.

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