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The University of Cambridge offers students a new perspective on the major issues of the twenty-first century. Students are not taught classics just as an era set in the past. On the contrary, they are given thorough understanding of how classical language, classical culture, and classical philosophy have affected the history of civilization in the West. Cambridge has been one of the most preferred educational institutions for the study of the classical world.

Cambridge has faculty including experts in classics. The faculty is well regarded internationally and one of the most active departments of its kind. The faculty has an outstanding record in research and teaching. The faculty employs various teaching methods to provide students a complete understanding of the subject.

The faculty building is established with the intention of providing a focus for formal and informal activities of this faculty. The faculty comprises a library, which is well equipped with all resources. The library has a wide collection of books, periodicals, journals and magazines. Cambridge has an exceptional display of casts of teaching collection of ancient pottery and classical sculptures in their own Museum of Classical Archaeology.

Additionally, students have access to the holdings of the Fitzwilliam Museum. There is a flourishing student society that organizes social events and meetings everyday. The society is also known for taking on senior members for tests of footballing prowess and general knowledge. The Cambridge Greek play is regularly performed by an expert director. This play makes available an excellent opportunity to students to unfold their potential. The play is produced in the original language, which attracts audiences across the country.

The faculty of classic is one of the best established faculties. It has substantial financial funds that are utilized to make charitable provision for undergraduate bursaries and prizes. The fund is also used to grant for travel to Italy and Greece.


The classics course is designed and tailored with the aim of providing students a comprehensive study of classical antiquity by way of artifacts and original texts and through culture and history. There are students who are familiar with different degrees with the study of literature. However, the study of ancient art, history, archaeology, linguistics and philosophy offer new perspective to all.

As students progress through the classics course, they have progressively more flexible spectrum of options. Students may either specialize in a specific area within classics or maintain the width of perspective with which the course begins. Students need to develop an interdisciplinary approach throughout the course, especially in part second, in order to the study of the classical field.

In the part first, students have an average of twelve faculty lectures per week along with two or more language classes. Students also have minimum two college supervisions a week wherein they discuss their work. This work of assignment may include composition and translation, practical criticism of Latin and Greek authors and essays. In part second, students have faculty seminars and lectures. The college supervisions provide students an opportunity to research essay topics of their choice.

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