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Clare College

Clare College offers students world-class educational environment including beautiful buildings, great location, loads of events, beautiful gardens and entertainment. Clare College has a strong history of academic achievement and reputation for its unpretentious and friendly student community. The college has an elegant seventeenth-century Old Court. It is situated in a beautiful garden beside the river in the centre of Cambridge.

The Memorial Court lies across the river where all first-year students are housed in some of the best accommodation facilities in Cambridge. The large arts faculty, the Sidgwick Site is just five minutes walk away from the campus. Students at Clare College come from different social background and every type of school and from across the world. The college equips students with supportive environment wherein students from all backgrounds enhance their knowledge.

Students and staff work closely together in order to achieve the goal and student representatives have voting rights on college committee. Clare College offers an active teaching fellowship. It is the college for students who take pleasure in the intellectual challenge of hard work and wish to broaden themselves to their fullest abilities.

Clare College's social diversity refers that it is easy to develop interests and make friendship. The college has a Politics Society. Clare Actors equip students with an excellent way to get engaged in exclusive student drama. The college also has myriad other societies. Clare College has a strong musical tradition. Its choir has achieved international acclaim whilst the intimate environment of the Chapel crypt makes it preferred venue for live music that is catering for a broad variety of tastes.

Clare has twicetermly Comedy Nights that feature on daily basis some of the best up-and-coming talent in British comedy and provide students an opportunity to take the stage. In evaluating applications, the college seeks for intellectual potential and academic ability, commitment to a chosen subject and combined with enthusiasm. The college recognizes that students come to them with very diverse educational experiences and therefore aims at evaluating every application in the context of individual circumstances.

Applicants are advised to visit the college and meet students and fellows. They are advised to contact the Admissions Secretary or visit the college website for more information and booking a form. Open days fill up very quickly, therefore, applicants are advised to return their booking form in advance. They may contact the Schools Liaison Officer for arranging a visit to their school or a trip to the college. The list of Directors of Studies is given below.

Directors of Studies:

  • Architecture: Dr W Pullan
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr M M Lahr
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic: Dr F Edmonds
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr R M Harris
  • Classics: Dr C Weiss
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr P Barrie
  • Computer Science Professor: L Paulson
  • Education: Dr S Brindley
  • Economics: Dr M Weeks
  • Engineering: Mr A Johnson
  • English: Dr G F Parker
  • Geography: Dr A Friend
  • History: Dr E Foyster
  • History of Art Professor: T Potts
  • Law: Mr N Andrews
  • Land Economy Professor: P Allmendinger
  • Linguistics: Dr K McDougall
  • Management Studies Professor: J Prabhu
  • Medicine: Dr P Jones
  • Mathematics: Dr M Dunajski
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr T W Knighton
  • Natural Sciences: Dr J Huppert (Physical), Dr A Philpott (Biological)
  • Music: Dr M Frolova-Walker
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr H E Thompson
  • Theology & Religious Studies: The Reverend G Seach
  • Philosophy: Dr T Lewens
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr J Gibson

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