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Churchill College

Churchill College is affiliated to the University of Cambridge. The motto of the college is 'Forward' that applies directly to the student experience. The college incorporates a fine combination of Cambridge's unrivalled academic excellence with a world-class and less traditional atmosphere.

Churchill College was established in 1958 as the national and commonwealth memorial to Sir Winston Churchill who was the renowned wartime leader and Noble Prize Winner for literature. His interest is reflected in both technology and science and his personal stature as a man of letters and visionary politician.

The aim of the college is to impart quality education. The college is famously known for the high proportion of science students. It is also widely regarded for its excellent academic performance of arts students. These students are in a large college with a plentiful in number and notable Archives Centre that houses the papers of two of Britain's most prominent Prime Ministers: Margaret Thatcher and Churchill.

Cambridge undergraduates know Churchill for its energetic student life, especially, its 'Pav' and excellent facilities. These comprise on-site playing fields, a large gym, squash and tennis, cinema/theatre, state-of-the-art music facilities and a radio studio.

Churchill College offers students excellent accommodation, which is bright, warm and approximately thirty percent en suite. The college is just outside the city centre and it takes ten minutes to walk to the middle of Cambridge. The college is adjacent to the University's stirring West Cambridge science development. The arts developments and university library are also nearby. The college is right at the centre of things.

Churchill is an open place, a very friendly and unfussy. People at the college are to contribute, enjoy and to excel intellectually both within the formal setting of exams and learning and the informal of subject society and social gatherings. The college equips students with excellent guidance and teaching. Students are motivated to obtain thorough understanding of the subject. Students at Churchill College are from different social backgrounds. The list of Directors of Studies is given below.

Directors of Studies:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr E DeMarrais
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr R Dance
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr B Yuan
  • Architecture: Dr M Sunikka
  • Classics: Mr H Hurst
  • Computer Science: Dr J Fawcett
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr M Kraft
  • Economics: Mr N Knight
  • Engineering: Dr C Hicks
  • Education: Dr D Wyse
  • English: Dr A Taylor
  • History: Dr A Strathern
  • Geography: Dr A Reid
  • History of Art: Mr. D Oldfield
  • Linguistics: Mrs. A King
  • Law Professor: M Kramer
  • Mathematics: Dr P Russell
  • Management Studies Professor: D Ralph
  • Music: Ms D Mordey
  • Medicine: Dr A Crisp (Clinical), Dr B Kingston (Pre-Clinical)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Professor: M Gregory
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Professor A Finch
  • Natural Sciences: Dr D Green (Physical), Dr M Stevens (Biological)
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr P van Houten
  • Philosophy: Dr N Treanor
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr M Holmes (Clinical), Dr B Kingston (Pre-Clinical)

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