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The Choice of Course in Computer Science

The duration of computer science course is three year. There is an alternative for students who aspire to take computer science in their first year or students who wish to put off the choice of course until the end of the first year. Students may take the first paper (part first 'A') Natural Sciences course, comprising the computer science option. At the end of their first year, students either continue into the second year of Natural Sciences or move into second year of computer science subject to their college's authorization.

Teaching and Assessment

Throughout their first year, students attend minimum twelve lectures a week and participate in practical classes on programming, hardware and in the optional Natural Sciences subjects. In the second year, students complete a series of exercises on hardware design and programming and undertake a group of project with the team of their fellow students. In the third year, students work on a substantial individual project.

Every year, students need to take a three-hour exam in the final term. Students' practical work is evaluated each year and in years second and third has a weight equivalent to one written paper. The exam structure is flexible that means students are able to concentrate their efforts on the parts of the course. Subsequently, students are able to alter the emphasis of their to suit requirements.

The three-year computer science course is recognized by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and British Computer Society and contributes towards chartered status and professional membership.

Careers Opportunities

The Cambridge graduates emerge with an understanding of principles that outlives today's technology. After completing this course, some of the students get into the computer industry whereas others go for higher degrees and develop careers in research and teaching. Some students find employment in fields like programming, merchant banking and commerce.

The Cambridge area is famously known as 'Silicon Fen' and has more than three hundred companies and commercial laboratories. These companies and laboratories specialize in computing and advanced technology. The department has close association with some of these companies that support teaching and recruitment of students. Upon completing this course, students get into a number of careers. The degree course in computer science equips students with a wide career prospects.

Changing Course

Students who are in the first year of Natural Sciences and studying computer science may move to the second year of computer science, however, they need to perform some assigned works over the summer. Sometimes, it is possible to join the second year of computer science without taken any computer science earlier. However, students required permission of their college. Some of the computer science students, at the end of the second year, choose to do part second in another subject remarkably management studies.

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