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Chemical Engineering - Teaching Methods

Chemical engineers have to spend their first year at Cambridge. They study either part first 'A' Engineering or part first 'A' Natural Science. The natural sciences course enables students to study three science subjects and maths. It is a very good preparation if students like pure science and wish to understand how things work at a basic level. The engineering route enables students to achieve a wide background in various engineering disciplines. The course helps students to apply science to solve various problems related to chemical engineering.

Subsequently, students will spend their further time at Cambridge within the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Students are taught through laboratory classes, lectures supported by projects, coursework and supervision. Students may expect twelve lectures and two supervisions each week. They may undertake fortnightly projects.

The course lays emphasis upon the scientific principles behind modern chemical and biochemical engineering. Students get thorough understanding of present industrial practice. The course concentrates on core principles that a graduate is able to design future products and processes. The course also teaches design. This is very important area of engineering practice and needs decisions to be made amidst uncertainty. The subjects of scale-up process design and product design are regarded throughout the course and conclude in a key design project at the end of the third year.

Students may graduate with a BA degree after three years. Nevertheless, practically all of the students continue with the forth year at Cambridge that leads to the BA and MEng degree. The forth year offers an excellent opportunity for students to undertake an original research project and to select from a series of various options as per their interests.

Career Opportunities

The MEng qualification is recognized by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. It means after completing the graduation, students are eligible to apply for Chartered Engineer status once they have four years of related experience in any industry without appearing for any further examinations. Students have a number of career opportunities within chemical engineering. They may work as a senior manager, field engineer and be a part of a research team.

Some of the students joined multinational companies who often travel across the world. Chemical engineers are well paid on an average than other engineers and scientists. Chemical engineers are easily able to protect jobs because they have a wide range of skills and well trained in solving problems. Approximately fifty percent of Cambridge chemical engineers get into the chemical and food industries, fifteen percent get into further research and education and twenty percent get into management and finance.

Course Requirements

Students are advised refer to the Department of Chemical Engineering website for particular academic requirements for admission to the undergraduate course in Chemical Engineering. Students are suggested to check college websites for college specific requirements.

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