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Chemical Engineering

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in chemical engineering. The degree course is well structured and designed with the intention of providing quality education. The course incorporates various major subjects. It is a fine combination of theories and practical exercises.

Job Description of Chemical Engineers

The work of chemical engineers is to make new products such as non-alcoholic beer, biodegradable polymers and artificial hearts. They also design oil refineries to produce ultra low sulphur diesel and develop processes for attaining medicines from biological organisms.

Chemical engineers design, invent and operate industrial processes, which convert raw materials into valuable products for example, pharmaceuticals, food, drinking water, plastics, fuel and electricity. These products are associated to our everyday lives. The products are made by processes, which change the physical, chemical or biochemical state of substances.

Chemical engineers have to understand how such transformation take place at both the industrial scale and molecular scale. They need to know how transformation is achieved safely, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. Chemical engineers play an important role in meeting the demand from customers for more sophisticated products with affordable cost. They contribute to develop green processes in performing environmental clean-up operations. They play an important role in gaining sustainable development. Therefore, chemical engineers are in great demand in the industry.

Chemical engineering students require understanding of mathematical and the basics of physics and chemistry. They also need an enquiring mind and must be interested in applying science practically to solve the problems. Chemical engineers must be enthusiastic and ought to be interested in their respective work.

What we're offering

The Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at Cambridge take pleasure in the reputation for excellence in its research and teaching and regularly topping national league tables. The teaching staff consists of a healthy proportion of Chartered Engineers and people who have an extensive experience in this field. The faculty also has a staff whose knowledge is in the area of growing biotechnology.

The course is designed aiming to produce expert professionals who meet the needs of advanced industry, especially, UK's prosperous manufacturing sector the chemical and allied process industries. The course provides students thorough foundation in biochemical and chemical engineering. It also offers training in transferable and personal skills and an ability to deal with scientific advances when they take place.

The department is well equipped with computing facilities. The department has an extensive network of computers. This network is equipped with modern applications employed by practicing engineers. These applications may include process simulators, CAD tools and design packages. The department has strong association with industry and the course is supported by a consortium of ten industrial companies. These companies offer input on course content and facilitate with teaching. The association with companies means that there are utmost opportunities for vacation placements with many leading companies.

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