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Careers in Geography

Upon completing a degree course in Geography, most of the graduates get into various careers comprising planning, industry and commerce, finance, teaching, environmental management and conservation, social work, civil services, media and politics. The Cambridge Geography graduates have a good knowledge of their field and thorough understanding of economics, environmental, social and political issues.

Students are trained to cope with various problems and grasp their implications. Students are skilled in data management and computing, information retrieval and they are used to performing tasks on their own initiative. These Geography graduates are highly employable in different professions.

Course Requirements

The course is well designed and tailored to provide students high standard education. The Geography teaching programme is extensive enough to incorporate those whose primary interests are in the social sciences, the humanities, the environmental or the natural sciences or any of the combinations of these.

It is not necessary to have studied geography at 'A' level. However, almost all students have done it in the practice. If students are principally interested in historical geography or contemporary human geography, then English literature, economics, sociology and history are useful. If students are interested in environmental and physical geography, then chemistry, biology, mathematics, environmental science, geology and physics are useful and supporting subjects.

There is, however, no distinction between physical and human geographer with respect to their GCE A level subjects, for example, an interest in studying the global developmental and environmental issues usually calls for understanding physical and social sciences. Students who have knowledge of foreign language will help them to understand the development in the area of international discipline and to acquire thorough understanding of regional geographies.

Students with Mathematics at A level are preferred at Christ's College, however, St. John's College requires A-level Geography. Students are advised to check college websites to know college specific requirements. Students may see the entrance requirements for advice about specific requirements for qualifications, entry and offers.

A course in Geography at Cambridge encourages students to research into original literature. The course enables students to explore their creativity and enhance skills. Students are provided facilities to concentrate on their subject. They are given theoretical knowledge along with practical exercises. Students are provided online resources, course management and teaching materials.

The faculty includes excellent teachers with extensive experience in the relevant field. They facilitate students to gain knowledge and help them for all round development. The teachers employ interactive teaching methods to perform their tasks. Upon completing the course, students may get into various careers such as finance, planning, commerce, industry, social work, civil services, politics, media, environmental management, etc. Therefore, Cambridge graduates have a wide career prospect. They are considered well educated and skilled professionals.

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