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Location and Accessibility - University of Cambridge

Cambridge is a collegiate university. Therefore, students are based in colleges for everyday living and go to a department or faculty for practical work and lectures. Students will need to consider the facilities and location of these with regard to each other when deciding which college to apply.

Cambridge is a historic city with some cobbled and narrow streets. Applicants who are considering Cambridge arrangements may be made for informal visits to departments and colleges within the university. Students may contact the admissions office at any of the undergraduate colleges for advice about their application and to discuss their specific requirements.

The prospective students with sensory impairments and severe mobility are motivated to visit Cambridge to evaluate the suitability of their intended department and college before making their application. Students may download the maps that show access facilities for disabled visitors to the New Museums, Downing and Sidgwick sties.

Study and Academic Support

With student agreement, the DRC will liaise with the associated staff within the university before they begin their studies to make sure that proper support is in place. Students may need support workers like interpreters and note-takers. The Non-Medical Assistance Scheme is run by the DRC. This scheme may use to be matched up with the proper support.

Examination Arrangements

Students with a disability or chronic illness may specific arrangement for exams such as specialist equipment, someone to write on their behalf or additional time. The DRC team may advise students on how these arrangements organized with the Board of Examinations.

Students with specific learning disabilities comprising Dyslexia and Dyspraxia are supported by the university. If students have a particular learning difficulty, then they need to have a full educational psychologist, an up-to-date, specialist tutor diagnostic evaluation evidence for attaining appropriate adjustments for their course of study. Advice and information about evaluation is available from the DRC's SpLD adviser.

Financial Support

The UK students are eligible and may apply for the Disabled Students' Allowance. It is necessary that they start the application process for their DSA as early as possible to make sure their funding is in place for begin of the term. Additionally, students with disability have specific grants to apply for. Students with disability may find more information on financial support on the DRC website.

Further Information

Students are advised to read the Access Guide, which is available on their website in printed form as well as on tape. They are advised listen to a podcast for disabled people who are willing apply to Cambridge from the DRC. Students may see the National Bureau for Students with Disabilities website for advice and general information on finance and applying to the University of Cambridge.

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