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The BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)

All applicants for Veterinary Medicine or Medicine (A100) are required to take the biomedical admissions test. It is a written test students need to take before appearing for the interview and after making their application. The test is used to evaluate scientific aptitude and lays emphasis upon scientific abilities and related to the Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge. Some of the universities also require students to have passed BMAT exam.

Disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties

A physical disability or illness does not prevent students from becoming a doctor if they can fulfill the rigorous demands of professional fitness to practice. Nevertheless, if students have chronic illness or physical disability, then they should disclose it as early as possible so that the department may discuss students' needs and the course requirements. Any disclosed disability shall be examined independently of students' academic qualifications and the interview process.

If students suffer from a disability that may affect their ability to practice or study medicine, they are advised to contact a college admissions tutor and the university's disability resource centre for advice before applying for the course. Successful applicants shall be asked to complete a confidential occupational health questionnaire.

Occupational Health

The University of Cambridge requires all potential medical students to provide proof, which they have adequately completed a full course of vaccination against the Hepatitis B virus or students are not infectious carriers of the virus. The immunization process may take up to nine moths and applicants are hence advised to consult their GP about this at the first opportunity.

In reference to the Department of Health guidelines, only authentic UK laboratory test results are acceptable. It must be noted that tests conducted overseas ought to be repeated in the UK. The rights of re-test are reserved by the university. Any infectious diseases must be disclosed to the college students apply are distributed to and discussed with the university's Occupational Health Service.

All students are required to undergo proper occupational health screening that will incorporate the Department of Health's recommended screening for exposure to HIV(antibody negative), TB and hepatitis C.

Global Career

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Medicine. The course ensures that students get thorough understanding of the subject. It incorporates theory and practical exercises. The course is designed with the purpose of providing high standard education in the field of medicine. Upon completing the course, students get into a number of careers. They get job in government and non-government sectors. Some of the students get into businesses, industries, and health related firms.

The Cambridge graduates have good career prospects. They are in great demand as they possess almost all required skills and knowledge. Upon completing the course, students become proficient in their respective field.

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