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Biology of Cells - Natural Science

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Natural Sciences. The course is well-designed and tailored with the intention of providing quality education. The biology of cells introduces students to molecular and cell biology. Students may learn what cells are, what they look like, what they are made of and how they work. It takes account of the enormous advances in knowledge in latest years.

This option has been taken by nearly by all students with an exciting interest in biology and by a number of students who see themselves as physical scientists. 'A' level biology is not necessary; however, students who have taken it shall already have met some material that is covered in detail and more depth in this option. It must be noted that it is not possible to combine computer science and the biology of cells options.


Students who wish to continue with chemistry in the second year must have 'A' level mathematics. Chemistry is associated with why and how molecules form in the way they perform and what determines their properties such as reactivity and shape. This understanding s a great deal of light on various realms of science as the properties and reactions of molecules lie at the heart of various physical and biological processes.

Many chemists use this understanding to facilitate them to synthesize and design new molecules that have specific properties. In this option, students start to explore the concepts and ideas that enable students to understand the chemical world. The subject consists of much material which is related to other Natural Sciences subjects and also providing a firm basis for advanced studies in chemistry.

Computer Science

Students must have 'A' level mathematics for this course. It must be noted that no previous knowledge of the subjects is required; however, some understanding of programming is helpful. Today, computer science is becoming as essential to science as mathematics. The complete discipline ranging from particle physics to genomics is now dependent upon effective and efficient use of computer for the analysis of data.

This option provides a fine grounding in computer science, which concentrates on algorithm design, programming practice and underlying theory of computation. A modern functional language, ML is used to survey the complete field. This goes after practical learning of Java. Both the languages have evaluated exercises.

This option also incorporates the necessary discrete mathematics, the design of efficient, software design practice, the abuse and use of digital computers in numerical calculations and simulations and effective algorithms. This paper is very helpful for those who shall need to apply computational methods in their future scientific career. If students wish to continue with computer science, then they may switch to computer science at the end of their first year. It must be noted that it is not possible to combine biology of cells and computer science options.

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