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Asian and Middle Eastern Studies - Course Requirements

There is no specific subjects at 'A' level is required for admission to the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies course. Students are taught all Asian and Middle Eastern languages from scratch. Therefore, it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge of them. Even though a language at 'A' level is not necessary, the course does seek for evidence of ability to learn languages because this is the major part of the course.

The University of Cambridge provides this course that is much more than just the languages. Therefore, the course requires students to have aptitudes and skills in addition to language learning. Individuals who have enough knowledge of the language in its written and spoken forms, the course may benefit them.

Students are provided with a variety of facilities such as library. The library is well equipped with all resources. It has an ample array of books, magazines, periodicals and journals. The library provides students a rich collection of rare books and other relevant manuscripts. Students use all these facilities to enhance their knowledge and skills. Students have easy access to books, journals, periodicals and magazines.

The Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is an undergraduate program that makes available an opportunity to learn about some parts covered by Asia and Middle East. Upon completing this course, students get into their desired field.


The Asian and Middle Eastern Studies course provides students thorough understanding of Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese or Persian that together form the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos. The University of Cambridge equips students with all facilities to encourage them understand the subject. Persian and Hebrew can be studied alongside subjects or combined with each other from other faculties such as Egyptology/Assyriology or modern European language. However, Japanese and Chinese cannot be combined excluding with each other at part second level.

Versatility: Your Choice of Careers

James Bond asserted to be a graduate in oriental languages from Cambridge. Further, he claimed to be fluent in Japanese. Students who possess a graduate degree from Cambridge have good career prospect. Apart from those students who get into research, some of the graduates maintain a contact with the realm they studied in their consequent employment. Examples comprise business, journalism, civil service, teaching overseas, international scientific agencies, and NGOs. However, if students do not maintain the contact, employers often prefer students who have initiated to tackle a difficult language.

There are a number of students who have completed a graduation course and got into marketing, banking, law, travel agencies. Upon a successful completion of the course, students have a spectrum of career option. Students after graduation choose their respective career path.

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