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Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Individuals who are interested in Persian studies, Hebrew studies, Japanese studies, Chinese studies, or Arabic studies, Cambridge offers them these challenging languages to study. They do not need any previous knowledge of these languages. However, perseverance, imagination and a sense of adventure are required.

Students learn various aspects of Asian and Middle Eastern counties such as Japanese literature and film, religion and policies the inseparable parts in the Middle East and the world's fastest growing economy. Students learn about all these aspects at the faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. One of the major features of this course is that students learn the languages, which give them access to the source material necessary to understand the civilization and life of the people they are studying.

The course equips students with ample information about spoken language. With the help of this course, students communicate directly with the people from the area. Students are assisted to do this with support from native people in Cambridge. Students have good opportunity to spend all of their third year abroad. Students are taught classical languages of their area in order to gain thorough understanding of the culture. There are many courses offered in the history, literature, economics, politics, religion, society and anthropology of the area they have chosen.

Living and Learning Abroad

In many subjects, students will visit to a designated university in proper country and pursue a course of study recognized by the faculty. Students who are pursuing Middle Eastern Studies may choose any country to go and study. Students have performed various things ranging from working for a charity or company to studying in a foreign university to teaching. The faculty tries to make sure that students have opportunities to make the most of this invaluable experience. There are many students who find it rewarding year of study.

Teaching Approach

In any educational institution, teaching staff plays an important role in the development of students' knowledge. The faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is unique. Each student is given personal attention while teaching. The faculty employs a variety of teaching approaches to make students understand the subject. The faculty includes expert teachers.

Course Structure

The part first is designed and modified with the intention of accommodating beginners. There is no specific admission requirement. However, students ought to possess stamina, enthusiasm, and intelligence. All pathways in Middle Eastern and Asian studies are four years long. Generally, part first lasts for two years. In these academic years, students spend ample amount of time in learning the language/languages of their choice. They also study cultural aspects gradually.

In the part second, students' third year is spent in a country where the language they are learning is being spoken. Students need to write a dissertation on a topic chosen by them. The course is very interactive and equips students with thorough understanding of the subjects. It facilitates students to master the language/languages that make students feel comfortable while communicating with native speakers.

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