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The University of Cambridge offers a course in architecture that equips students with the opportunity to learn creative design. Cambridge is one of the best places to study architecture. The beautiful courts, buildings, gardens and interiors of Cambridge comprise the work of renowned architects from Sir Christopher Wren to Ralph Erskine, Sir James Stirling, Erik Sorensen, Sir Michael Hopkins, and Edward Cullinan. The teaching has been ranked the highest in the UK and there is an excellent record of graduate achievement.

The study of architecture at Cambridge not only copes with buildings but also study of building a tent in the fens and studying the Greek Agora in lectures. The architecture course encourages students to think of places, people, history, philosophy, and materials and then design the actual building.

The department is set up within the History of Art and Faculty of Architecture. The architecture BA lays emphasis upon the teaching of architecture as a technological as well as cultural subject. The department of architecture has close association with the department of engineering. The course is oriented around design from ample scale of a region or city to the smallest detail. The course is supported by lectures that draw upon sciences including environmental design, construction, and structures. It is also supported humanities including theory and history.

Candidates who would like to take admission to this course must be enthusiastic for the both sciences and arts. Candidates ought to be able to draw and have an interest in the architecture and the history of arts. They should have knowledge of mathematics minimum a good GCSE standard.

Teaching, Technology and Travel

The department of architecture is relatively small but friendly. The department has good student ratio and a very good staff. The department offers students a wonderful faculty library. The faculty library is well equipped with photographic areas and sophisticated computer facilities. The architecture course is well designed and modified with the aim of providing quality education. The course facilitates students to understand the subject thoroughly.

Students are taught using a variety of teaching strategies. They are given practical exercises carried out in studios. Projects are prepared throughout the year. Students are required to create drawings and models to communicate their design ideas. This activity provides students an ample opportunity to explore their potential in designing. Students produce drawings and models using their architectural knowledge. This exercise facilitates students to enhance fundamental skills required to building architecture.

The department of architecture provides students studio desk space together along with computer facilities and workshop. Students are supervised on their projects at least one time in a week during regular critical reviews and individual studio tutorials wherein they are encouraged to explore various approaches, develop design philosophy and enhance skills. Generally, students work takes fairly amount of time, therefore, architecture requires more hours a week than other courses.

The course in architecture incorporates classes, lectures and visits to buildings under restoration or construction. In the last year of the course, students get to go for a trip to Rome that is highly enjoyable.

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