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Applying from Outside the EU - Cambridge

If applicants' are presently living outside the EU, additionally to their online UCAS application, then they shall need to submit a Cambridge Overseas Application Form to the Cambridge College they have chosen to apply to. They may submit this form to the Cambridge Admission Office if they are making an open application.

If applicants' family home is outside the EU but they shall be attending college/school within the EU at the time of their application, then they do not need to submit a COAF. Applicants are given prescribed date to submit their form. They need to fill in the form properly and submit it before or on the last date of submission.

However, if applicants would like to be interviewed in one of the countries where overseas interviews are conducted, then earlier deadlines may apply. Such applicants are advised to see the international students section for details. It is not necessary that all students come from school. There are many options for students returning to education who wish come to Cambridge. Basically, there are three kinds of students as mentioned below.

  • Affiliated students
  • Mature students
  • Students at other UK universities

Mature Students

If a student is twenty-one years of age or over by October in the year in which he/she hope come to the university and will have not earlier completed a course of higher education, then such applicant will be treated as a mature student. Such students are advised to see mature students section on the university website.

Students at Other UK Universities

It must be noted that the Cambridge colleges will not usually, as a matter of principle, take into consideration applications from students attending other UK universities who are applying to study the same or a similar subject at Cambridge. If students aspire to make such an application, then it will have to be supported by their tutor at present university. A letter or reference of recommendation from him/her to the Cambridge college shall be required and only after that a Cambridge college consider it.

If students are willing to apply to Cambridge to read a different subject from the one they are presently studying at a UK university, then it will be assumed that they had had a chance of heart and no longer desire to study the subject they are presently pursuing. In this case, candidates would be considered, however, still require good support from their present university tutor. If students are in the final year of a Bachelors degree at a university in UK, then such students are welcome to apply for admission under an affiliated student section.

Affiliated Students

If applicants are graduates with a recognized degree from another university, then they can apply for admission to a Cambridge BA course as an affiliated student. It refers that students can take the degree in a year less than common. Applicants may see the Affiliated Students Page on the university website for more information about applying as an affiliated student.

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