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Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

Individuals who are interested to study literature, languages, and history and who like to do own research using original source materials, this course will appeal to them. The culture and history of Anglo-Saxon England, literature and languages of the Celtic-speaking people, and the exploits of the Vikings may be an exciting platform to explore a range of disciplines or cultures.

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic lays emphasis upon the material culture, history, literature, and languages of the people of Ireland, Britain, and Scandinavian world in the past middle ages. Most probably, Cambridge is the only university in the United Kingdom where students may study this charming combination of disciplines and areas.

In the final year of the course, students have to perform some original research; however, the complete course is based upon the premise that students will enhance key skills by way of close analysis of primary texts and the direct exposure to the texts. In this regard, Cambridge offers excellent resources in the college libraries, university library, and in the Fitzwilliam and other museums.

These libraries are well equipped with ample array of books, periodicals, magazines and journals. The library provides all facilities to students with the intention of enhancing their knowledge and skills. This course provides students a thorough understanding of medieval literature, early languages, and medieval history.

The Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic degree course enables students to enhance their powers of argument, sharpen their powers of analysis, and refine their appreciation of literature. Upon completing this course, students may have a wide prospect of career where importance is attached to your analytical and intellectual skills. There are many employers who regard the Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic degree course as a promising sign of individuality.

This degree course is well built to provide students ample information about The Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic. Upon completing the course, student may go on to take benefits of specialist opportunities. Some the students may go for research whereas others accept teaching in universities and schools. After gaining this degree, many students start working in libraries and museums. This degree course provides students an excellent opportunity to get into various jobs such as law, banking, journalism, business, industry, and civil services.

There are many employers who seek for the candidates with The Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic degree course. The course mainly focuses the elements of languages, history, material culture, and literature of people of Britain, Ireland, and the Scandinavian world in the middle ages. The university ensures that students are equipped with complete and authentic information about the subject.

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