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Accommodation at Cambridge

The University of Cambridge offers students accommodation for minimum of three years. The college rooms are more than just a hall of residence. It equips students with extensive experiences and friendships, which will last a lifetime.

The University guarantees students college-owned accommodation for three years. Some of the colleges provide for fourth year students as well. This means students do not have to worry about finding somewhere to live after completing the first year. Students do not need to pay large deposits and commercial rent. Additionally, students have to only pay rent for the time they are actually in residence. If they go home to spend vacations, then they do not need to pay accommodation rent.


The colleges offer students various accommodation facilities and students have some choices in their second and third year. For example, they may find themselves in sharing a college-owned house with friends or a purpose-built accommodation block outside the main college. Students can go through the official map of the University of Cambridge to know the exact location of the major college sites.

The style of Cambridge rooms differs a lot from the medieval along with arched windows to the airy Edwardian and Victorian to practical modern. Students shall, usually, have a choice of shared bathroom or suite facilities. Students will have a room of their own and access to shared kitchen. Students' room will be cleaned by college cleaners; however, it is up to them to keep it neat and tidy. The colleges also provide students laundry rooms so they can simply get their own washing finished without taking them at home.

Each college has a team of Porters on duty with the purpose to run and maintain the college and who are accountable for the security and safety of its students and staff. The university has many porters to facilitate students in many ways such as providing information, guiding to solve problems and providing help. Students are charged cost of rooms by Cambridge colleges, which is comparable to that at other universities in the UK. Students are suggested to visit Costs at Cambridge page at the university website for more information about it.


Each college has a dining hall and some of them have additional coffee shops and cafeterias as well. These dining halls serve students good and fresh food at a reasonable price. Students are offered a variety of diets that are worth of the price. Some of the meals are self-service but if students fancy splashing out on more stylish, there are formal halls at good value of amount. Alternatively, students have basic self-catering facilities available if they wish to make some foods on their own.


Students have easy access to find a book they want. They may search for books in ample array of books through computer. Therefore, they do not need to take troubles as all colleges provide a computer suite and library. Students are advised to visit Facilities and Resources page on the university website for more information about what is available to them.


Every college has a common room and bar. In this social hub, students are equipped with newspapers, TVs, computer games and pool tables. College bars are very popular among students as they not need to go far away and the student prices are comparably cheaper to other pubs and bars in the city. This non-commercial and relaxed setting also means that those who wish not to drink may buy alcohol without pressure. These colleges have a broad range of sports facilities such as courts, playing fields, gyms and boathouses. Some of the colleges have performance venues and practice rooms for music. Many colleges have an orchestra and choir and organize various concerts every year. Colleges have many musical groups such as gospel choirs, swing bands and rock groups. Students are advised to see Music and Sport pages for further information.

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