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Schools in Udupi, India

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This section provides an exhaustive listing of the schools in Udupi, India. The school listing includes primary, high schools.

School Address City State Affiliation Pupils
Sharada Residential SchoolKunjibettu, Udupi, Karnataka - 576 102 Phone 08252 226774 / 223129UdupiKarnatakaCISCE (XII)Co-ed
A.K.R Acharya English Medium High SchoolKundapur, Post Kundapur UdupiKarnataka--
A.K.R Acharya High SchoolKunjalu-576213 UdupiKarnataka--
Adi Udupi High SchoolAdi Udupi, Udupi - 576103 UdupiKarnataka--
Anjuman Girls High SchoolGangoli, Post GangoliUdupiKarnataka--
Bharata Mata High SchoolMadoor, Post Madoor UdupiKarnataka--
Brhami Durgaparameshvari High SchoolKamalashileUdupiKarnataka--
C S I U G High School Moolur - 574117 UdupiKarnataka--
Chetana High SchoolDangarakatte, Post Irodi-576226 UdupiKarnataka--
Christian High SchoolUdupi - 576101 UdupiKarnataka--
Dandatheertha Eng Medium High SchoolUliyaragoli, Kaup - 574 106 UdupiKarnataka--
Eng Medium High SchoolKunjibettu, Udupi - 576102 UdupiKarnataka--
Ganapathi High SchoolPadubidri - 574111 UdupiKarnataka--
Girls High SchoolKota-576221UdupiKarnataka--
Govt High SchoolYermal Tenka - 574119 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt High SchoolValakad, Udupi - 576101 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt High SchoolUdyavara, Udupi - 574118 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt High SchoolMoolur - 574117 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt High SchoolHejamadi Kodi - 574103 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt Urdu High SchoolMallar - 574106 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolVaddarse, Bannadi - 576225 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolUpoor-576215 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolShettybettu, Post Parkala - 576213 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolPuttur, Hanumantanaga - 576125 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolNalkoor-576215 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolMudugiliyur, Post Kota - 576221 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolKodikanyana - 576226 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolKanadi - 576210 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolHavarsi-576223 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolDoodurkarje-576215 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High SchoolBrahamavar - 576213 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High School Tenkanidiyor, Post Krodashrama-576106 UdupiKarnataka--
Govt. High School Manoor, Kota, Post Padukere-576221 UdupiKarnataka--
H.M.M English Medium High SchoolBindoor UdupiKarnataka--
Haji Moidine Byagi Memorial High SchoolPost Jeradi UdupiKarnataka--
Kamala Bai High SchoolKunjibettu, Udupi - 576102 UdupiKarnataka--
Mahadevi High SchoolKaup - 574106 UdupiKarnataka--
Mahalaxmi Eng Medium High SchoolUchila - 574 117 UdupiKarnataka--
Mahatma Gandhi High SchoolSaibrakatte-576210 UdupiKarnataka--
Milagres High SchoolKalyanpur-576114 UdupiKarnataka--
Nehru High SchoolAroor - 574133 UdupiKarnataka--
Nirmala High SchoolBrahmavar-576213 UdupiKarnataka--
Nittur High SchoolNittur-576102 UdupiKarnataka--
Panchanbettu High SchoolPanchanbettu - 576113 UdupiKarnataka--
Pangala Vidyavardaka HIgh SchoolPangala, Udupi - 576122 UdupiKarnataka--
Parkala High SchoolParkala-5761107 UdupiKarnataka--
Payyaru Karianna Shetty High SchoolPadu Kalattur - 574135 UdupiKarnataka--
Perdoor High SchoolPerdoor-576124 UdupiKarnataka--
Pvt. High SchoolMandarti-576223 UdupiKarnataka--
Pvt. High SchoolKuradi-576210 UdupiKarnataka--
Pvt. High SchoolKemannu-576115 UdupiKarnataka--
Pvt. High SchoolHode (Non granted) UdupiKarnataka--
Pvt. High SchoolBelampali-576124 UdupiKarnataka--
Pvt. High SchoolBarkur-576210 UdupiKarnataka--
Rani High SchoolNadoor-576223UdupiKarnataka--
S M S (Sanskrit) High SchoolUdupi - 576101 UdupiKarnataka--
Sandipani High SchoolMattukopla - 574105 UdupiKarnataka--
Saraswathi High SchoolUchila - 574117 UdupiKarnataka--
Sharada High SchoolBekardi-576215 UdupiKarnataka--
Sri Dharma Shasta High SchoolBisinpare, Post Jadkala UdupiKarnataka--
Sri Narayana Guru Eng Medium High SchoolMalpe, Udupi - 576 118 UdupiKarnataka--
Sri Narayanaguru High SchoolShanthipur, Padubelle - 576120 UdupiKarnataka--
Sri Venkataramana Deva English Medium High SchoolKundapur UdupiKarnataka--
Sri Vidyasamudra Theertha High SchoolKidiyoor, Udupi - 576118 UdupiKarnataka--
Sri Vishnumurthy High SchoolKodibettu - 576110 UdupiKarnataka--
Sriniketana High SchoolMatapadi-576213 UdupiKarnataka--
St Cicely's Girls High SchoolUdupi - 576101 UdupiKarnataka--
St Jonse High SchoolShankarpura - 576115 UdupiKarnataka--
St Mary Eng Medium High SchoolUdupi - 574101 UdupiKarnataka--
St Mary High SchoolUdupi - 576101 UdupiKarnataka--
St Xeviers Fransis High schoolUdyavara, Udupi - 574118 UdupiKarnataka--
U S Nayak High SchoolPatla - 576123 UdupiKarnataka--

Please note that the list of schools in Udupi, India compiled above is correct from our knowledge. If you see any error in name or the address of school, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.

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