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Schools in Raigad, India

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This section provides an exhaustive listing of the schools in Raigad, India. The school listing includes primary, high schools.

School Address City State Affiliation Pupils
Anglo-Urdu SchoolBarapadaRaigadMaharashtra--
Bharati Vidyapeeth Bhandarkatha Madhyamik vidhyalayaManagaon, Raigad.RaigadMaharashtra--
Bhausaheb Raut VidyalayaKasheleRaigadMaharashtra--
C. Adhikari Kanya VidyalayaGoregaonRaigadMaharashtra--
Chhatrapati VidyalayaVarandRaigadMaharashtra--
Dnyananubhav VidyalayaKasheleRaigadMaharashtra--
Madhyamik VidyalayaLohareRaigadMaharashtra--
Nere High schoolNereRaigadMaharashtra--
New English SchoolWalangRaigadMaharashtra--
New English SchoolTemgharRaigadMaharashtra--
New English SchoolChandhaveRaigadMaharashtra--
Sahayog PratishthanPoladpurRaigadMaharashtra--
Sainik Vikas Madhyamik VidyalayaFouji-AmbavdeRaigadMaharashtra--
Shasakiya Post Basic Ashram ShalaPinglasRaigadMaharashtra--
Shasakiya Post Basic Ashram ShalaPathrajRaigadMaharashtra--
Shasakiya Post Basic Ashram ShalaChapewadiRaigadMaharashtra--
Shasakiya Post Basic Ashram ShalaBhaliwadiRaigadMaharashtra--
Shri Gajanan VidyalayaKadavRaigadMaharashtra--
Sudhagad Edu. SocietyKevaleRaigadMaharashtra--
Swami Vivekanand Madhyamik VidyalayaJambivaliRaigadMaharashtra--
Tanaji Malusare VidyalayaDevaleRaigadMaharashtra--
Tatyasaheb Natu VidyalayaKurleRaigadMaharashtra--
Vaje High schoolVajeRaigadMaharashtra--
Varadayini VidyalayaKapade BudrukRaigadMaharashtra--
Yusuf Meher Ali schoolTaraRaigadMaharashtra--

Please note that the list of schools in Raigad, India compiled above is correct from our knowledge. If you see any error in name or the address of school, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.

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