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Schools in Nasik, India

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This section provides an exhaustive listing of the schools in Nasik, India. The school listing includes primary, high schools.

School Address City State Affiliation Pupils
Adarsh Madhyamik VidyalayaOld Agra Road, Nasik-422000NasikMaharashtra--
Barnes SchoolDeolali , Nasik-422401NasikMaharashtra--
Blind School Of GovernmentNasik Road, Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
Boys Town Public SchoolNasik-422002NasikMaharashtra--
Cantonment Board High SchoolGurudwara Road, Deolali, Nasik-422401NasikMaharashtra--
D N Patil Madhyamik Vidyalaya & Junior CollegeGangapur, Nasik-422005NasikMaharashtra--
D S Kothari Kanya School Nashik Pune Road, Nashik rd, Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
Dawn Breakers SchoolNasik-422007NasikMaharashtra--
Dayabhai Bytco Girls Hgh SchoolOld Agra Road, Nasik-422001NasikMaharashtra--
Deolali High SchoolDhondy Road, Deolali, Nahik-422401NasikMaharashtra--
Fravshi AcademySatpur, Nasik-422007NasikMaharashtra--
Godavari Prathamik VidyalayaPanchvati, Nasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Guru Govind Singh Public SchoolMumbai Agra Road ,Nasik-422009NasikMaharashtra--
J .C . Bytco High SchoolNasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
J .D .C. Bytco High SchoolNashik Pune Road, Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
Jairambhai High SchoolNashik Pune Road , Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
Janta VidyalayaNasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
K.B.H High SchoolPatil Colony College Road, Nasik-422005NasikMaharashtra--
Kanya VidyalayaPanchavati Nasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Kilbil St. Joseph SchoolNasik-422005NasikMaharashtra--
Maharashtra High SchoolUpnagar, Nasik-422006NasikMaharashtra--
Maratha High SchoolNasik-422005NasikMaharashtra--
Nav Rachana VidyalayaGangapur Road, Nasik-422005NasikMaharashtra--
Nirmala Convent SchoolGangapur Road, Nashik-422005NasikMaharashtra--
Nutan Vidya MandirRest Camp Road, Deolali , Nashik-422502NasikMaharashtra--
Panchvati Education Society Primary SchoolVidya Nagar, Panchvati Nasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Prabhodhini VidyamandirSharanpur Road, Nasik-422002NasikMaharashtra--
Prajapati Brahmahakumari Ishavariya Vishwa VidyaPanchavati, Nasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Primary Vidyalaya Nasik Education SoceityNashik-422001NasikMaharashtra--
Purushottam English SchoolJail Road, Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
Pushpavati Kanya High SchoolNashik-422002NasikMaharashtra--
R .P. VidyalayaPanchavati Nashik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Rachana High School & Jr CollegeSharanpur Road, Nashik-422002NasikMaharashtra--
Rachana VidyalayaSharanpur Road Nasik-422002NasikMaharashtra--
Rangubai Junnare English Medium SchoolNasik-422001NasikMaharashtra--
Ravindra VidyalayaDingari Sambahaji Chowk, Dwaraka, Nasik-422011NasikMaharashtra--
Ravindranath VidyalayaNasik-422011NasikMaharashtra--
Rungtha High SchoolNasik-422002NasikMaharashtra--
Sagarmal Modi Prathamik Shikshan MandirNashik-422001NasikMaharashtra--
Saraswati VidyalayaM. G .Road, Nasik-422001NasikMaharashtra--
Sarda Kanya High SchoolNasik-422001NasikMaharashtra--
Shree Sharada Prathamik MandirNasik-422009NasikMaharashtra--
Shriram High SchoolOld Agra Rd, Panchavati , Nasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Silver Oak High schoolSharanpur road, Nasik-422001NasikMaharashtra--
St Philomenas Convent High schoolJail Road, Nasik Road Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
St Sadique SchoolWadala Gaon ,Nasik-422006NasikMaharashtra--
St. Joseph SchoolCollege Road, Nasik-422000NasikMaharashtra--
St. Lawrence English Medium SchoolNasik-422009NasikMaharashtra--
St. Patric High SchoolDeolali, Nasik-422401NasikMaharashtra--
St. Patrick Convent SchoolWelman Road, Deolali Nasik-422401NasikMaharashtra--
St. Xaviers High SchoolNashik Pune Rd, Nashik-422006NasikMaharashtra--
Subhash High SchoolDeolali , Nasik-422401NasikMaharashtra--
Swami Vivekanand VidyalayaPanchvati Nasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Takshashila Vidya Mandir Maldhakka road, Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--
Tijabai Zawar VidyamandirRam Mandir Road, Bhagur, Nasik-422502NasikMaharashtra--
Unnati Madhyamik VidyalayaPeth road, Panchavati Nasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Unnati Primary VidyalayaNasik-422003NasikMaharashtra--
Vanita Vikas Mandal Primary SchoolNashik Road, Nasik-422101NasikMaharashtra--

Please note that the list of schools in Nasik, India compiled above is correct from our knowledge. If you see any error in name or the address of school, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.

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