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Schools in Chandigarh, India

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This section provides an exhaustive listing of the schools in Chandigarh, India. The school listing includes primary, high schools.

School Address City State Affiliation Pupils
St. Joseph's High School Sector 9 Tel-742229 ChandigarhPunjabICSE-
St. Kabir High School Sector 26 Tel-549437 ChandigarhPunjabICSE-
St. Stephen's High School Sector 45 Tel-605767 ChandigarhPunjabICSE-
St. Xavier High School Sector 44 Tel-607079 ChandigarhPunjabICSE-
Tender Heart High School Sector 33 Tel-607524 ChandigarhPunjabICSE-
Air Force Regional School 12-Wing A .F.Station Tel-691101 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Ajit Karam Singh International pub. School Sector 41 Tel-603541 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
B.N. Sr. Sec School Sector 37 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Bal Niketan Model School Sector 23ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Bhavan's Vidyalaya Sector 27 Tel-656955 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
C.L.A.D. Model High School Sector 7 Tel-771247 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Carmel Convent School Sector 9 Tel-740891 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Chandigarh Baptist School Sector 44 Tel-601272 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
DAV Model School Sector 8 Tel-548269 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
DAV Model Sr. Sec. Sechool Sector 15 Tel-770698 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
DAV Sr. Sec. School Sector 8 Tel-781345 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Guru Nanak Khalsa Sr.Sec. School Sector 30 Tel-654693 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Guru Nanak Public. School Sector 36 Tel-601214 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
I.S.Dev.Samaj Girls Sr.Sec.School Sector 21 Tel-706601 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
K.B.D.A.V. Centnary School Sector 7 Tel-544496 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Maharishi Dyanand Adarsh Vidyalaya Sector 22 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Manav Mangal High School Sector 21 Tel-706513 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Moti Ram Arya Sr. Model School Sector 27 Tel-651058 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Pandit Mohan Lal S.D. Public School Sector 32 Tel-609669 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
S.D.Sr.Sec.School Sector 24 Tel-708927 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Sacred Heart Convent School Sector 26 Tel-782297 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Saint Soldier International School Sector 28 Tel-657248 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Sanjay Public Sr. Sec. School Sector 44 Tel-607148 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Sarvahitkari Model Sr. Sec.School Sector 40 Tel-691931 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Shishu Niketan Sr. Sec.School Sector 22 Tel-704966 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Shivalik Public School Sector 41 Tel-601913 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sr. Sec.School Sector 35 Tel-708576 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Sri Guru Harkrishan Model School Sector 38 Tel-691673 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School Sector 40 Tel-651287 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
St. Anne's Convent School Sector 32 Tel-603278 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
St. John's High School Sector 26 Tel-782571 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
St. Peters School Sector 38 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
The New Public Sr. Sec. School Sector 18 Tel-774162 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Tribune Model School Sector 29 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Vedic Girls High School ManiMajra Tel-774033 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-
Vivek High School Sector 38 Tel-690639 ChandigarhPunjabCBSE-

Please note that the list of schools in Chandigarh, India compiled above is correct from our knowledge. If you see any error in name or the address of school, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.

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