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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

Paper and Pencil Test

On this part of the paper and pencil test you will hear 30 short conversations.Listen carefully to the speakers.Focus especially on the the second speaker.


Woman: Put your foot on the clutch and gently depress it.

Man: But every time I do it, it jumps.

Question: What is the man's problem?

  1. His bicycle is broken.
  2. He doesn't perform well in the clutch.
  3. He doesn't know how to drive.
  4. He is extremely depressed and nervous.

answer: C


Man: When it comes to fixing faucets, I hear you're the best in town..

Woman: That, and replacing pipes.

Question: What can be inferred about the woman?

  1. She's a heavy smoker.
  2. She plays the organ.
  3. She owns four sets of pipes.
  4. She is a plumber.

Answers: D

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