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Jobs in IndiaJobs India is an attempt to help job seekers find jobs in India. This page provides you the links to various jobs available in the major cities of India. There are many careers in India available in various different fields like engineering, medical, automobile, research and much more across the nation. The job openings in India as well as the vacancies in India are increasing day by day.

Salary for fresher doing jobs in IT field ranges on an average from 2.1 to 8.0 lacs per annum, as per the organizational standards and responsibilities handled to the employee in that organization, so the fresher job search in India is mainly targeting the software jobs in India now days.

India is a growing country and so recruitment in India has expanded in many fields apart from the engineering and medical jobs in India, this growth has given rise to a huge number of jobs for freshers in various fields like, HR, BPO, KPO, banking, biotechnology, finance, LPO, networking, GIS, pharmaceutical, marketing, piping, telecom, back office, sales, logistics, microbiology, manufacturing, architectural, bioinformatics, media, recruitment, research and many more.

Finding a right job in India of your field and in the city you live or want to settle down is very difficult task. Many of the freshers in India don't have idea about the different available job options in the city they are willing to live in future.

If you are looking for specific type of job in India, here is the list of jobs.

Jobs in India

Bank Jobs | Government Jobs | IT Jobs | Online Jobs | Hotel Jobs | Finance Jobs | Telecom Jobs | Part Time Jobs | Fresher Jobs | MBA Jobs | Engineering Jobs | Railway Jobs | Physiotherapy Jobs | Freelance Jobs | Sales Jobs | Pharma Jobs | GIS Jobs | Legal Jobs | SAP Jobs | Insurance Jobs | Retail Jobs | Data Entry Jobs | Networking Jobs | BPO Jobs | .Net Jobs | Geologist Jobs | CCNA Jobs | NGO Jobs | Hopitality Jobs | HR Jobs | Internet Jobs | Airline Jobs | Media Jobs | Teaching Jobs | Aviation Jobs | Executive Jobs | Home Jobs | Microbiology Jobs | Biotechnology Jobs | PSU Jobs | Textile Jobs | Chef Jobs | Offshore Jobs | Nursing Jobs | Medical Jobs | Accounting Jobs | Management Jobs

Here the information on jobs in India will definitely help you for selecting the right job and in the right place. You can find various jobs of your field based on the state or city. You can also compare different cities and options of jobs available in order to have the future security and avail the chance of job change in the same city.

We are providing you the information on jobs in India, as per the cities and then as per the job field and then as per the requirements in each job title. If you are searching for a job in some specific city in India, then go to the specific city, where you wish to work and then in the specific career, in which you are interested and get the desired information about the jobs availability and the companies which are providing that specific job in that city.

Listed below city links provide you the information about the companies in those cities and the jobs in India provided by those companies in the respective fields and also provide you the data about the vacancies and new job openings, new companies in those cities. You can also search at jobs in India page for various job listings in India (eg: India jobs).

City Based Jobs in India

Jobs in Delhi | Jobs in Mumbai | Jobs in Bangalore | Jobs in Kolkata | Jobs in Chennai | Jobs in Hyderabad | Jobs in Ahmedabad | Jobs in Pune | Jobs in Surat | Jobs in Kanpur | Jobs in Jaipur | Jobs in Lucknow | Jobs in Nagpur | Jobs in Patna | Jobs in Indore | Jobs in Thande | Jobs in Bhopal | Jobs in Ludhiana | Jobs in Agran | Jobs in Nashik | Jobs in Vadodara | Jobs in Faridabad | Jobs in Ghaziabad | Jobs in Rajkot | Jobs in Meerut | Jobs in Amritsar | Jobs in iVaranasi | Jobs in iAurangabad | Jobs in Solapur | Jobs in Allahabad | Jobs in Jabalpur | Jobs in Noida | Jobs in Gurgaon

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