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School of Filmmaking

Whistling Woods International is well-known for courses which offer international standard education in all aspects of film and television. The film school offers course based on practical exercises. Students get professional environment, where they learn from expert professionals.

Students are provided with all necessary equipments to execute practical exercises. They learn in live atmosphere, where they need to produce creative work of arts. WWI offers facilities including:

  • Studios
  • Faculty
  • Student productions
  • Cameras and equipment
  • Weekly celebrity master classes
  • Specialization curricula

WWI has various divisions equipped with all necessary utensils required for filmmaking. It has divisions including:

  • Actors' Studio
  • School of Animation
  • School of Filmmaking
  • Media Management Studies
  • School of Broadcasting
  • Professional Development Programmes

Co-Curricular Subjects

Music & Dance

Students are given a number of practical exercises on music and dance. WWI provides students with all required equipments to facilitate them learn music and dance. The programme includes voice, rhythm, culture, etc. WWI practical exercise includes teaching vocal techniques, derived from European Indian classical sargam, Solfeggio, choreography, konnokol and American vocal repertoire.

WWI students study rhythms from Latin America, India, USA, and Africa. Students are encouraged to understand the global music traditions to incorporate them into developing their soundtracks for films. WWI offers exert faculty for dance exercises including Shiamak Davar and Sanjeev Mehta.

International Art, Literature & Culture

A filmmaking process incorporates many concepts. Every film needs a script; in fact, script is a skeleton on which a film is based. A film encompasses culture, literature and art. A film is itself a finest genre of art. WWI students are given practical exercises on storytelling narrative and they are encouraged to research creative and critical aspects of literature. The research exercise helps them to understand about art and culture, which is mandatory to produce creative films. The study of international art, literature and culture is beneficial before starting a career in film and television industry. WWI puts emphasis on all round development of students.

Production Design

WWI students are taught production design. The subject of production design focuses on the cycle of design and construction, which controls a film from script breakdown to the complete photography. The aim of this exercise is to engage students with the innovative design, which helps them to create group project. The production design subject includes:

  • Visualization
  • Designing
  • Interior decoration
  • Planning
  • Props
  • Makeup
  • Set dressing
  • Indian and International architectural styles
In this subject, students learn to decide between constructed stets and location in creating a beautiful look for a film. Regular exercises help students to enhance basic skills required for production design.

Film Appreciation

The course introduces various kinds of films from different cultures and periods. The course includes a detailed study of greatest filmmakers and films. Students are taught how to discover the development of the language of cinema. They learn about how to do film appreciation in its context without considering his/her personal choices. Students learn to appreciate that the cinema as a medium of reforming the society.

  • Diploma In Filmmaking
  • Certificate Diploma In Filmmaking

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