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Whistling Woods International offers a Diploma in Filmmaking Programme. Students can do specialization in producing. The specialization includes necessary fundamental skills required for producing a film and it rests stress on business practices. The producing course enables students to work as a producer at national and international film industries. The course allows students to cope with all three responsibilities of a producer including Line Producer, Creative Producer and Executive In-charge of Production.

Creative Producer

Producers are said to be creative businesspersons. They have to take the business decisions brilliantly. The responsibilities of a producer are:

  • Financing
  • Production
  • Profit allotment
  • Global distribution
  • Complete the development process
  • Interact with co-workers
  • Distribute the work in teams

Producer is a person responsible for project's success and failures. A good producer always predicts market requirements and designs project accordingly. WWI students are taught how to develop film script, arrange financing, search good script, media production, motion picture, etc. Students are given detailed study materials on producing a film. They are given practical exercises to reinforce basic skills required for film producing. Students are taught how to pitch their stories to national and international producers. They are also taught to turn original proposal into a creative cinematic entertainment and to encourage other to allocate creative and commercial ideas.

Students are given ample information about film business including international financing architecture, distribution and marketing. Students acquire the knowledge of negotiation and tactics for establishing their financing and distribution association with an investment group and the industry. WWI students are taught how to do market analysis, understand audience tastes and develop production.

In order to deal with complexities of the film and television industries, students obtain a thorough understating of:

  • Business frameworks
  • Legal frameworks
  • Exhibition
  • Copyright
  • Accounting
  • The music industry
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Piracy
  • Project development
  • Festivals
  • Contracts
In-Charge of Production and Line Production

Executive in charge of production is a person decides a director and interacts with him/her about the physical production of a film. The responsibilities of an executive are to estimate the overall budget, decides locations, music, scene effects, production talent, etc. A producer can also be a Line Producer.

The responsibility of a producer is to plan, schedule and budget & manages business aspects of everyday production and post-production of film and television. With the help of practical exercises, students develop basic skills to employ a production team, source equipment & suppliers, arrange locations, and examine the development of the art direction as well as other production departments.

Whistling Woods International provides students with extensive practical exercises. These exercises help students understand film business easily. Students are given special training on manual and software script breakdown, budgeting, and scheduling to confirm that the project is completed within budget and time. The most essential part of a producer and line producer is to execute financing and budgeting task appropriately.

  • Head Of The Department, Production

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