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Mumbai-Film Making Teens

Indian cinema has been appealing international students for a long time. Whistling Woods International offers an arena to those international students who with to carve their career in creative filmmaking. Since the filmmaking process incorporates multiple aspects like editing and directing, WWI offers training to international students in all respects of producing a creative work of art.

Whistling Woods International offers a short practical programme, 'Mumbai - Film Making Teens'. The programme aims at imparting quality education among international students. WWI wants to explore young international talents in the realm of entertainment industry. WWI international students are taught how to produce a creative film. They are given training through various sessions including:

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Sound Recording
  • Editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Producing

International students are provided with all advanced equipments required for filmmaking. They are given a number of practical exercises to enhance their fundamental skills required for producing a creative art. With the help of filmmaking programme, international students are introduced to Indian culture, heritage and contemporary life. Whistling Woods International organizes film screenings including a variety of films. Students are given a brief introduction of Indian motion picture history.

After completing the course, students can be established as filmmakers. Immediately after completing the course, they can start their career as assistant director. Gradually, they can become filmmakers. The course facilitates them to understand the basics of filmmaking. It helps students to cope with any issue/problem raised during creating a film. They are given ample training on how to give a final shape to a film. They are taught what the hurdles in the filmmaking process are and the most important is how to overcome them to create a film.

The course objectives of Mumbai-Film Making Teens are:

  • To create a film in a partially professional environment
  • To produce small stories on video format
  • To understand the process of filmmaking
  • To learn how to deal with a film crew

The break up of Mumbai-Film Making Teens duration is given below

  • Introduction
  • one day
  • Story development
  • one day
  • Story generation
  • one day
  • Shoot
  • three days
  • Pre-production
  • one day
  • Post-production
  • two days
  • Rest
  • two days
  • Review
  • one day

Whistling Woods International organizes the course as per the request of a group including minimum five members. It is necessary to send a request application to begin the course at least two months before the start of the course. The total fee of the course is US$ 1, 800 per student for a group of 10 and above. The fee includes following facilities.

  • Accommodation
  • Budget of project
  • Yoga classes (on request)
  • Airport pick up
  • Lectures and Talks
  • Spoken Hindi classes (on request)
  • Film set visits

The condition of Whistling Woods International policies is that students should possess Indian Visa for their stay in India for the purpose of studies. Every student needs to attain and maintain Health Cover. International students will avail all the facilities that WWI promises to offer them.

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