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Mumbai-Documentary Film Making

Whistling Woods International offers a short practical programme, 'Mumbai - Documentary Film Making'. The course puts emphasis on fundamentals of documentary filmmaking. It provides students with information on various documentaries. Documentary is wide category of visual expressions, which are based on challenge, attempt, fashion, etc. In short, such kind of films documents the reality.

The course helps students to establish association between WWI & them and some of the selected NGO's based in Mumbai city. Students need to undergo various sessions including direction, cinematography, production, editing, sound recording, and screenwriting. Students are required to select their respective research field. They can take help of faculty members and NGOs staff members for research. Students can listen to lectures on Hindi cinema. For this, they need to forward a request to the concerned department. They can visit to Hindi cinema set, and avail the benefits of live shootings.

The objectives of Mumbai-Documentary Film Making programme are:

  • To create a short innovative documentary
  • To study how to edit and shoot on video format
  • To identify modern issues in Indian urban areas
  • To understand a film crewmember work

The duration of Mumbai-Documentary Film Making programme is 13 days. The break up of total duration is given below.

  • One day for story development
  • One day for lights
  • One day for review
  • One day for learning camera operation system
  • One day for learning sound recording and equipment
  • One day for introducing documentary filmmaking and collaborate NGO
  • One day for topic selection and second visit to collaborate NGO
  • One day for introduction to editing and third appointment with partner NGO
  • One day for editing practical and fourth appointment with partner NGO
  • Two days for post-production
  • Two days for shoot

Whistling Woods International runs Mumbai-Documentary Film Making programme on request of a group including at least five members. It should be noted that the applications for the above said course must reach before two months from the start of the programme. The Mumbai-Documentary Film Making programme fee is US$ 2, 500 per students for group of ten and above. The fee includes following facilities.

  • Lectures and Talks
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment Training
  • Hindi classes (on request)
  • Yoga classes (on request)
  • Transport within Mumbai city
  • Airport pick up
  • Film set visits

Every student has to follow polices set by Whistling Woods International. The condition of the film school is that every participant must attain and maintain a Health Cover and proper Indian Visa during their stay in India for studies. Students are provided with a number of practical exercises to reinforce their fundamental skills required for documentary filmmaking. WWI offers an opportunity to international students to become good documentary filmmakers.

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