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International Student Courses

Indian cinema fascinates international audience at large scale, therefore, Whistling Woods International initiated a film course for foreign students. The course speaks about Indian cinema and its glorification. With the help of this course, WWI imparts Indian culture and cinema across the world. The course curriculum consists of many choices of subjects.

Whistling Woods International dedicated to introducing all foreign students to Indian culture, contemporary life style and its historical civilization. The faculty of WWI is dedicated to teaching dance, music, literatures, cultures and visual arts, as they are vital parts of Indian culture. With the help of this course, WWI explores the dignity and heritage of the fabulous India.

Whistling Woods International offers an excellent opportunity for international students to embrace film-pioneering country and experience the contemporary as well as classical aspects of Indian culture. Since WWI is situated in Mumbai, international students get a fantastic experience of Indian cinema and its culture.

Indian cinema - Bollywood Snapshots

Indian Cinema, especially Hindi films, has huge audiences at international level. Commercial Hindi cinema is generally known across the world. Therefore, study of Bollywood has certainly become highly regarded subject. Whistling Woods International wants to discuss, challenge, and argue the notions spread around by media and academics about Indian cinema.

Whistling Woods International looks forward to exploring dynamics of Indian film industry with international professionals. WWI wants to explore Indian cinema through comparing Indian Art with Commercial Cinema. The film school also wants to focus on parallel cinemas.

Whistling Woods International offers a course, 'Indian Cinema - Bollywood Snapshots'. The course curriculum includes theoretical and practical subjects. The aim of the course is to provide international students with information on style, culture and characteristics of Hindi cinema. After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Produce, edit and write a short music video, film, shot on ZIP cameras.
  • Understand the filmmaking techniques and required equipments through about 60 hours of lectures in production, cinematography, editing and direction.
  • Work and interact with film industry professionals whilst completing their short films.
  • Participate in Dance and Yoga classes
  • Appreciate the cultural and historical contexts of Indian cinema including parallel and commercial films through screenings and lectures.
  • Visit movie sets and shoots.
  • Access to special film screenings
After taking admission, everyday students need to attend about 6 to 8 hours classes. The classes will be five days a week. The course curriculum comprises two days for postproduction and two days for shooting students' projects. The list of faculty is given below.


  • S Gupta
  • Somnath Sen
  • Umesh Gupta
  • Anil Zankar
  • D Woods
  • Ravi Gupta
  • Anjum Rajabali

Application Procedure & Fees

Students, who wish to take admission to the 'Indian Cinema - Bollywood Snapshots', need to contact Affiliations Department at Whistling Woods International. Students are required to send CV along with Statement of Purpose. They need to explain the areas of filmmaking he/she is focusing during the course.

Whistling Woods International organizes the above said programme twice a year on a group request. However, a group should include at least 10 members. The programme would be organized twice a year in May/June and December/January. For more detail, please contact the Affiliation Department at WWI.

Fees Structure

The course 'Indian Cinema - Bollywood Snapshots' fee is US$ 2, 200 per month. The fee includes:

  • Budget of Project
  • Dance and Yoga classes
  • Set visits
  • Hindi classes
  • Screening and all lectures
  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation
  • Two-time meal per day at WWI cafeteria


It must be noted that students need to obtain and maintain a Health Cover. Every student should obtain appropriate Indian Visa during his or her stay for studies in India. The fee, higher or lower, charged for short courses or courses include special facilities, workshops and equipments.

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