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Film Appreciation

The module focuses on historical aspects of the Indian cinema. The film appreciation module allows students to understand the various cultures and their contributions to the Indian film industry. Students learn how diverse culture has affected contemporary tastes, approach and trends of the cinema.

This module inspects the art of appreciating films and the contribution of different aspects in producing a digital motion picture. The close observation of various role-plays, techniques and crafts help students to understand the niceties and medium of filmmaking.

With the help of practical exercises, WWI students are motivated to understand their personal responses to the world of cinema. They are given training on how to do a film appreciation.

The film appreciation course places its importance on the advancement of technologies, which escorted the emergence of motion pictures. The course curriculum includes the history of Indian cinema with special focus on its journey from silent cinema to the digital motion picture. The course covers emergences of advanced technology and its application to a film.

The course also contains information about influences of early Europe on Indian filmmakers, the development of Indian cinema including Hindi and local cinema with its creators. The course duration is 180 hours.

Music Appreciation

The course focuses on various aspects of creating music for films. It further develops students' film and music sensibilities and reinforces aesthetic values of their insights of story telling. The course introduces advanced tools for creating music.

The module aims at imparting quality education in the field of music. It develops students' capability to identify the appearance and sound of individual instruments, types of instruments and their roles in the world of cinema. The course emphasizes on discovering emotional quality of film music. It reveals the fact that how music is an integral part in the process of filmmaking. The music appreciation course duration is 48 hours.

International Art, Literature & Culture

The objective of this module is to focus on the art & culture and how they have been influencing the world of cinema. In this module, students are familiarized with trends, attitudes and contemporary tastes of films. Students are provided with information on artistes, which helps them to understand the genres of art and culture. The module helps students to understand and create more knowledgeable and critical assessments of art and culture.

The module consists of information on various arts like Fine Art, Liberal Art and Literature from across the world. The course is a fine presentation & study of above said arts. Students learn the language of arts in diverse media and scrutinize its aim. The course introduces works of major artists in the realm of literature and painting in different historical periods and emphasizes that art talk about the culture. The duration of this course is 90 hours.

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