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Whistling Woods International offers a Diploma in Filmmaking where students can study special subject like Film Editing. An editor's work begins in the post-production process of filmmaking. The responsibilities of an editor are to take audio-visual footage, add together audio-visual components, music, sound effects and above all, assemble the tailored material into the creative story.

An editor's work is to focus on preferences and choices of a director while creating a blue print of a film. The minor work of editing can include lengthen or shorten a pause, rearrange scenes, take a close up, etc. While doing editorial work, a good film editor keeps logical sequence in the scenes. A good editor executes creative task keeping in mind the project's mood, rhythm, energy, humour and especially audiences' understanding of a film.

WWI students are taught how to perform editing task without spoiling the central idea of an original script. They are prepared to face technical and creative challenges of the editing. Students are given special training on various advanced software including:

  • Avid HD
  • Live Type
  • After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro HD
  • Cinema Tools
  • Motion

Similarly, students master other skills required to carry out the editing task. They learn to transform raw material into influential and meaningful stories. Students are provided with all required editing equipments, therefore, at the end of the course they can modestly deal with all post-production responsibilities.

The course curriculum contains information on editing in a simple to complex way. With the help of demonstration exercises, student's competence level grows in dialogue and montage sequences required for arresting suspense scene.

Practical exercises facilitate students to draw out integrity and impact in their work. Mr. Umesh Gupta is the Head of Department. Gupta is a respected editor. He carries tremendous experience in the field of film editing. WWI regular and guest faculty include:

  • Vivian Pimenta
  • Vivek Agarwal
  • Rajesh Parmar
  • Prashant Naik
  • Reena Mohan
  • Deepa Bhatia
  • Arunaraje Patil
  • Rajkumar Hirani

Whistling Woods offers special training on film editing. Students learn various aspects of editing, which helps to carve their future in the field of film and television. WWI covers following areas in the training session.

  • History of editing
  • FCP operations
  • Narrative structures
  • Sound designing
  • Practical sessions on the principles of continuity
  • Ideology and motion picture style
  • Concepts of editing
  • Understanding montage
  • Visual rhythm, pace and dramatic tension
  • Basic compositing skills
  • Concept of space and time in cinema
  • Aesthetic use of graphics in cinema
  • Summation and exposition techniques

Students are given a number of assignments during the training session. The assignments aim at bringing out desired performance from students. This exercise provides students with live experience of filmmaking and helps them to get into the entertainment industry with no difficulty. WWI gets learning materials donated from some of the notable directors like Ashutosh Gowarikar, Rakeysh Mehra, Vipul Shah and Subhash Ghai. The training session incorporates following disciplines:

  • Comedy and suspense scenes
  • Editing for action
  • Complex dialogue scenes
  • Narrative fiction
  • Promos and interstitials
  • Docudrama
  • Montage
  • News footage
  • Travelogues
  • Current affair stories

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