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Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation

Whistling Woods International School of Animation and media arts institute offers a Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation. The course is designed with the view of providing quality education in the realm of film, television, animation and media. WWI offers different programmes in this field. Some of the programmes are long-term courses whilst others are short-term. WWI offers courses for both, fresh graduates and working professionals.

Animation is an upcoming field, which provides expert professionals with utmost remuneration. It is enthralling and fascinating field, which grabs everyone's attention. WWI School of Animation is one of the best platforms in the country where students can carve their bright future. Most probably, WWI School of Animation is the only institute, which provides animation education along with storytelling and filmmaking insights. The course curriculum incorporates a unique combination of animation and filmmaking that facilitates students to become creative animation designers.

The course curriculum encompasses theoretical as well as practical subjects. The course includes training using advanced and digital animation in both long-term and short-term programmes. The training and practical exercises facilitates students to enhance their fundamental skills required for the animation industry. With the help of practical exercises, students acquire the knowledge and reinforce their experience to get into the alluring field.

WWI School of Animation organizes workshops and seminars with the purpose of offering an opportunity to students to interact with renowned animators and professionals in their respective field. With the help of practical sessions, seminars, workshops, classroom teaching, experienced professionals interact with students in the holistic digital atmosphere to develop and reinforce cinematic skills.

Course Curriculum

Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation consists of total four semesters. The break up of course fees and security deposit is given below.

Duration: Two years
Course Fee: 8, 00, 000
Security Deposit: 1, 00, 000

Students can pay the fees through installment as given below.

Acceptance: 2, 00, 000
Term I 2, 00, 000
Term II 2, 00, 000
Term III 2, 00, 000
Term IV 1, 00, 000
Term V NA
Total Fees: 9, 00, 000

The Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation consists of four semesters including practical and theoretical subjects.

Semester: I

The first semester incorporates the basics of filmmaking with the foundation of animation. Students are encouraged to expand their aesthetic & creative abilities, drawing & visualization skills required for filmmaking.

Semester: II

The second semester is dedicated to 2D animation where students are taught the aspects of two-dimensional animation. Students are taught how to work on the advanced animation software, Toonboom.

Semester: III

The semester introduces the new level of CG known as 3D animation. Here, students learn rigging, modeling, creating environments, lip synch and facial expression, animation techniques, camera angle, texture mapping, digital lighting, etc. Students are given practical exercises to hone their fundamental skills.

Semester: IV

The forth semester is called 'Climax-Filmmaking-Script-to-screen'. Since it is the forth semester, it ensures students learn every technique of animation filmmaking. The semester consists of various aspects of animation including:

  • Fine tuning acting & expression skills
  • Use of chroma & matting
  • Finishing techniques
  • Application of texturing to lighting balance
  • Adding sound effects
  • Editing
  • Writing music & background score
  • Mixing
  • Building a scene with visual effects
  • Output to desired format

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