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Diploma in Filmmaking

Whistling Woods International Institute offers a two-year diploma in filmmaking with specialization in Direction, Production, Sound Recording & Design, Cinematography, Screenplay Writing, and Editing.

Students can obtain a WWI Diploma in Filmmaking after successful completion of theory, practical and production exercises based on global motion picture culture. Every student receives comprehensive training in the filmmaking programme. WWI rests stress on practical exercises, which helps students to enhance fundamental skills required for filmmaking.

Students should complete a thorough 32-week Filmmaking Foundation Programme to pursue above-mentioned specialization studies.

Filmmaking Foundation Programme:

Filmmaking Foundation Programme introduces a series of producing creative films. In this programme, students are given practical exercises and they are asked produce a film. The programme incorporates ample information on theoretical subjects, practical subjects, motion picture creation, projects assignment, complete production, etc.


Upon completing the Filmmaking Foundation Programme, students are moved to specialization subject. WWI has designed and tailored special subjects with the view of providing thorough knowledge on filmmaking. The special subjects help students to carve their bright career in the film and television industry.

The specialization Programmes help students to:

  • Work with a production team as well as interdentally
  • Participate in challenging projects
  • Execute the work successfully
  • Establish them as expert professionals
  • Understand the global scenario of filmmaking business
  • Contribute to filmmaking production
  • Imitate actual-industry film productions including pre-production, production and pos-production.
  • Learn principles of photography, entertainment industry discipline and film financial parameters.
  • Become accustomed to team work
  • Produce good films.

Whistling Woods International Institute offers following specializations.

  • Direction
  • Production
  • Sound Recording & Design
  • Cinematography
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Editing


The responsibilities of a director are to oversee every innovative aspect of the creative project. A director should develop the unique vision of a project that how it should look, what message it should convey. The job of a director is not only to see the script but also to visualize a moving image with lighting, shots, emotion and performances. One of the most challenging tasks for a director is to communicate desired idea effectively.

The direction course provides students with instruction on artistic and technical aspects of motion picture production, prepares them to get into the entertainment industry, and enhances their innovative talents by offering them practical exercises. WWI makes learning easier by offering hands-on workshops, classroom instruction and comprehensive filmmaking experience. There are various films screened in WWI and students are asked to analyze those films using different parameters as mentioned below.

Students pursuing Direction Course acquire ample knowledge and get basic skills honed. Specialization studies include a thorough understanding of:

  • Visual story-telling strategies
  • Screenwriting
  • Shot breakdown
  • Characterization
  • Cinematography
  • Storyboarding techniques
  • Aesthetics
  • Editing styles
  • Production design and breakdown
  • The technical and artistic use of sound and music
  • Makeup and wardrobe
  • Casting and the business procedures of motion picture making
  • Directing actors to achieve specific and natural performances
  • The grammar and language of motion picture and television
  • Direction
  • Producing
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

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