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Advanced Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation

Whistling Woods International School of Animation offers an Advanced Diploma in The Art & Technique of Animation. The course is well designed and tailored to provide ample information on advanced technique of animation. WWI offers short-term and long-term programmes. The programmes are open to fresh graduate and working professional in the field of animation.

Advanced Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation focuses on various aspects of digital animation filmmaking. The course develops students' creative bent of mind. With the help of this course, students enhance their fundamental cinematic skills. The course encompasses a unique combination of animation and filmmaking inputs. After completing the course, students get into the animation industry easily. They get good remuneration for their work.

The course curriculum includes theoretical as well as practical subjects. The advanced diploma helps students to get into the fabulous animation industry. The course develops every student into a capable team member that is very essential in his or her respective professional. Whistling Woods International School of Animation puts emphasis on students' all round personality. The animation school employs advanced technology to facilitate students in learning. The course provides students with well-equipped classrooms and learning environment.

Course Curriculum

The Advanced Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation includes five semesters. The break up of the course fee and semesters are given below.

  • Duration:
  • 2 & years
  • Courser Fee:
  • 9, 00, 000
  • Security Deposit:
  • 1, 00, 000

    Break up of fees the Advanced Diploma in the Art & Technique of Animation

    Acceptance: 2, 00, 000
    Term:-I 2, 00, 000
    Term:-II 2, 00, 000
    Term:-III 2, 00, 000
    Term:-IV 1, 00, 000
    Term:-V 1, 00, 000
    Total Fees: 10, 00, 000


    The advanced diploma is an addition to the two-year course. The programme consists of total five semesters of which the first four are the same as curriculum of the Diploma in The Art & Technique of Animation. Students can specialize in the fifth semester.

    Semester I

    The semester dedicates to basics of filmmaking and animation. WWI students are motivated to reinforce their aesthetic and creative abilities, drawing and visualization skills.

    Semester II

    The semester introduces the process of 2D animation and students are allowed to work on the animation software, Toonboom. Students are given practical exercises where they learn independently.

    Semester III

    The semester introduces the new level of CG animation. In this semester, students learn animation techniques, modeling, digital lighting, creating environments, texture mapping, rigging, lip synch and facial expressions, camera angles, etc

    Semester IV

    The semester four is named as "Climax - Filmmaking - Script-to-Screen". The semester includes many aspects in animating a scene with visual effects. It also focuses on various elements including:

    • Finishing techniques
    • Adding sound effects
    • Chroma & matting
    • Fine tuning acting & expression skills
    • Application of texturing to lighting balance
    • Writing music & background score
    • Editing
    • Mixing

    Semester IV

    Students can specialize this semester. The semester includes various characteristics of animation filmmaking. It helps students to get into their respective professional with no difficulty. After completing the semester, students will be able to deal with any issue related to the animation filmmaking.

    Students need to elect one of the subjects as given below.

    • Rigging & Animation
    • Modeling & Texturing
    • VFX & Compositing
    • Lighting & Compositing

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