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Textile Design

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, offers a course in Textile Design. The course duration is two-and-half years. The course curriculum is well designed and modified to help students to reinforce the basic skills required for textile design. The course focuses on various aspects of textile design including:

  • Fibre
  • Design process
  • Fabric and pattern
  • Techniques
  • Structure
  • Materials

The school of art organizes various workshops and seminars to help students understand and broaden their textile design knowledge. Students are given an opportunity to interact with the textile industry and crafts sector during their study, through internship and classroom projects. The school of art offers an excellent opportunity to students through a spectrum of events where students can acquire ample knowledge of the textile design.

The programme helps students to develop them as designers and artists. The aim of the programme is to produce expert professionals. It also aims at imparting quality education of textile design in the society. Students learn basics of design thoroughly during the course.

The course curriculum lays importance on trade forms and living culture of textile production. The aim of curriculum is to introduce the Indian developments in textile design. Students are motivated to explore contemporary areas such as interactive textiles, textile art and advanced technology in textile through projects, assignments and workshops.

Centre for Education Research Training and Development (CERTAD)
Srishti offers a two-and-half year course in Centre for Education Research Training and Development (CERTAD). The course is well built and tailored to provide students ample knowledge of education research, training and development. The course lays importance on:

  • Environmental Education
  • Art Education
  • Communication

The course is based on a 'design thinking approach to education' that unfolds innovative process of design as teaching methodology to introduce all subjects at the primary level. The director of Srishti, Geetha Narayanan, explains the course 'Design as Pedagogy', where creativity and innovation is applied within design area. The objective of the course is to change the position of professional practice of teachers. The course curriculum lays emphasis upon the design foundation and encourages students to become creative professionals. It facilitates students to come up with innovative ideas that convert elementary education.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who have completed 10+2+3 in any discipline can apply for the course
  • Students who have completed professional diploma in art/design can also apply for the course.

Students will be given different project exercises that include self-directed and collaborative projects. Apart from the course exercises, students need to work on projects to build educational material with:

  • Artists
  • Professors
  • Historians
  • Dancers
  • Actors
  • Designers
  • Musicians
  • Students of this programme ought to be self-initiated, willing to learn new things and highly motivated. Indeed, the programme offers students an arena to explore their ideas and make them develop a creative bent of mind.

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