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Foundation Studies Programme

The Foundation Studies Programme develops the idea that design and art goes ahead of imitative object and creation of beauty. The programme consists of theoretical and practical exercises. The course engages students throughout the academic year. Apart form energetically engaging students, the course develops students' understanding of cultural, personal, contextual, political, social, ecological, historical, ethical, etc.

The aim of the course is to develop students' social and aesthetic sensibility. The duration of the programme is two years. All students should join this entry-level course. The course curriculum consists of five major components including:

  • Research
  • Studio
  • Core Courses
  • Liberal Arts
  • Project

The above-described components are interrelated and work together in reinforcing students' conceptual and technical skills. Students are given training in advanced technology used for art design. Since it is a foundation programme, students are taught basics of art design. They learn all the basics of designing. The course aims at making students' art design foundation strong. This helps students to stand firmly in their respective field.

The purpose of this course is also to produce creative professionals and help the country to grow its art design venture. The course ensures that students acquire the required skills and develop them. The course enables students to understand the art design process. Students learn a lot during this two-year programme. The school does not leave a single stone unturned in teaching students of art and design. In these two years, students sharpen their skills and become competent candidate to face any challenge in their field.

Visual Communication Design
Visual Communication refers to the communication through visual aid. The name visual itself indicates that the communication is purely depends on vision. It was primarily expressed with two-dimensional images, which includes:

  • Graphic design
  • Sings
  • Drawing
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Electronics resources
  • Colour

The two-and-half year under-graduate course in Visual Communication Design is modified for students to enhance critical thinking skills in design. The course curriculum equips students with conceptual foundation to acquire fullest knowledge and proficiency in graphic design skills including:

  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Media mix
  • Information design
  • Publication and book design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Design for the web
  • Exhibition design
  • Mass communication theory
  • Creating corporate identity and branding
The programme helps students to understand the process of visual communication by using interactive exercises covering various print and design projects assignment. Interdisciplinary studies in humanities and arts are put together with studies in design history and theory, visual form, concept and image production, studio and digital methods equipping students with proper tools to enhance their careers as well as lives. Srishti School of Art Design and Technology is the right place to carve a better career in art design.

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