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Advanced Diploma Programme in Experimental Media Arts

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, offers a course in Advanced Diploma Programme in Experimental Media Arts. Srishti has a Center for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA). CEMA is a creative lab, where engineers, artists, scientists and hackers team up to develop innovative tools and methodologies.

The duration of Advanced Diploma in Experimental Media Arts is two-and-half years. Students who wish to take admission to the course need to be highly motivated to work in the field of new media, arts and science.

Srishti's Center for Experimental Media Arts, CEMA was found in 2007 to show a path for graduates to study media arts. CEMA offers an opportunity to those, who wish to carve their career in media arts. Students get to learn a lot about media arts. They learn the fundamentals of media. CEMA is the right place to study experimental arts.

CEMA and Experimental Media Arts have been grabbing the attention of national and international students. Students, who are desirous of doing something different from traditional education, are welcome. They can build a bright future in media art.

The experimental media arts programme searches for hackers, artists, writers, scientist and engineers to enroll for the course. They are supposed to work together to develop their projects that have local as well as global value. The programme incorporates innovative research.

Students, who are engaged in experimental media arts programme need the under-graduate programmes in Srishti and permit artists and researchers at CEMA, to uncover the graduate and under-graduate students to work on exceptional projects.

Students, who are studying experimental media arts programme are supposed to reveal epistemological progress and intellectual development in their research, approach, execution and innovative work right through the programme. Students, who are in the first year, are expected to take an investigative approach to their work. However, verification of considerable work is expected by the end of the academic year. Subsequently, an increasing focus is expected from the end of the second academic year. This focus concludes with a verbal presentation and research documents at the end of the second year. Once students are done with the demonstration of the final diploma thesis in the last episode of the final semester, they will be awarded with the Advanced Diploma.

The focus will conclude with a viva voce and research document at the end of the second year, and an integrated body of creative work and distribution event by the end of their final semester. An exhibition of the final diploma thesis will be the culminating event of the final semester and will lead to the awarding of the Advanced Diploma in Experimental Media Art. After successful completion of the programme, students get into the media arts industry.

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